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Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusades

This softcore campy didn't get great reviews. Some people just don't enjoy erotic campy. I do.

But when says she is
  Amelia Earhart in her sexy, sultry, voice that is entertainement.. Then when in her young seductive voice she explains how she has been stranded all these years that is amusing. And the lesbian scene that follows is not just sexy, it is mightysexy.


book: Finding Amelia: The True Story of the Earhart Disappearance (Hardcover)
book: So You Want to Be a Lesbian?: A Guide for Amateurs and Professionals (Paperback)
book: Drawing Sexy Women (Hardcover)
book: Read My Hips: The Sexy Art of Flirtation (Paperback)

Harry and Margaret go to Mardi Gras. F*ck yeah, Mardi Gras.

Harry dressed like a surfer dude and Margaret dressed like a total witch. Together, they ventured down into the streets to enjoy the loud and boisterous banter of the growing crowds. Drinking from a jug they shared, Harry and Margaret began dancing in the street and totally entertaining the people standing near them.

Then oddly, it was as though some strange force parted the crowd. To the ears of Margaret and Harry the sounds from the street became more hushed. In the distance they noticed the shadow of a figure and then the figure moved gently in poetic motion toward them. Like rabbits they were mesmerized by this cat, this man, this tall, dark, handsome stranger walking toward them. The hushed sounds gave way to jazz trumpets followed by the rocking sounds of drums blasting from a nearby club as this mysterious man walked up and took Margaret by the hand and took Harry by the hand and held them in his arms for a moment. The man’s left hand raised to touch Margaret on her facial cheek. The man’s right hand dropped to squeeze Harry on the ass cheek. And his tongue. This stranger. His long tongue reached like a serpent to taste Margaret’s cherry lipstick from her lips. She felt a quiver like she’d never felt in all her eternity as her blue eyes peered like into the soul of this stranger’s dark, dark, endlessly deep dark black as soot eyes. Harry also felt drawn into this stranger’s eyes; his eyes, the soulful, charcoal porthole to a very seductive soul. And then Harry felt this stranger’s tongue move from Margaret’s lips and into his mouth. Harry savored the cherry taste passed from Margaret’s lips to the stranger and now to him. Perhaps it was the stranger, perhaps it was Margaret, perhaps it was feeling the sinful taste of the forbidden that caused Harry’s manhood to begin stirring toward passions Harry wished kept hidden from display. The stranger pressed himself against Harry and Harry felt the man’s hard cock pressing against him. Margaret backed away as she watched Harry and this stranger begin going at it like she could never have imagined; like she wished never to have imagined.

Then the stranger gave Harry a gentle push away. And there was a fog. A very strange fog moved up over them. And the French quarter seemed to fade into a distance and they felt themselves being drawn back to the stranger. With the stranger, feeling lost, they walked through the thick white mist. As mystified souls led entranced by the way of an alien force, they came upon a cemetery that appeared out of the earthbound clouds of smoking vapor. Seeing the rusted iron gates hinged on the brittle, moss covered stone wall broke their seeming trance.

At the gate they looked upon the man. They looked upon his wings. They peered at his pointed tail. They watched horns grow from his head. The glowing red of fire flaming from his eyes truly scorched their goose bumps and blazoned fear in their soul. The iron knocker on this gate truly had some weird shit going on.

And now they looked upon the sexual, sensual man of beauty who had led them to this gate. Margaret softly moaned as she longed for the touch of this man. Harry licked his lips and wished to taste the man’s lips upon his lips again. And the gates open. And this man they both so much wanted to fuck walked onto the other side of the gate. So there they both stood so much afraid and yet so much wanting to be loved.

Harry whispered, “He is not a normal man.”

Margaret rolled her eyes and said, “It will not be a normal love.”

The man smiled.

Harry put his arm around Margaret and she turned and stared into his eyes. She thought Harry not as beautiful as this other man but still there was something about Harry. Before, she had never thought of Harry in a sexual way but now she did. Harry put his lips to her lips and he tasted her cherry lipstick.

Margaret removed Harry’s surfer dude wig and began to undress him. And Harry began to undress Margaret and together they stood naked before the man. Then as they began to make love, they turned toward the man and he was gone. In his place, was a wooden arrow. It was an arrow that had been fired by a vampire hunter. But to Harry and Margaret, it seemed to them it must have been Cupid’s arrow and they thought surely this stranger was Cupid. This night Harry and Margaret discovered they were truly in love.