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Story: God Gives A Sexy Gift

Brandy Wise, a strapping man 24 years young, sat high in his saddle enjoying his ride west from Georgia to Louisiana. With the wind blowing his long blonde hair, he patted his Appaloosa mare Bing and he smiled up toward the clear blue sky. Such a beautiful day. He pulled in the reigns to Bing. Stopping. He pulled off his shirt. A young Creek maiden, Starlust, hiding in some bushes stared at Brandy’s muscular physique. She hoped, she prayed, that no one else from her tribe would happen upon this young man she named “Blonde Beauty.” Blonde Beauty is the name she called him in her daydream. It is the name she imagined whispering into his ear as he took her into his arms. It is the name she wished she might call out if he should ever cause her eyes to roll into the back of her head in sexual passion.

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Adventures of Harry Bangs - Shorty Stories

Harry Bangs- Free and a MightySexy.Com Exclusive

A Spider Story
A Spider Story

What's My Line - An Erotic Ghost Story
What's My Line - An Erotic Ghost Story

Dead of Winter - An Erotic Ghost Story
Dead of Winter - An Erotic Story

From Harry Bangs Stories

Standing in line at the Grocery store, Harry Bangs felt a hand against his backside. Without turning around, he quickly reached to catch the hand he felt sure was try to lift his wallet.  With his hand gripping a small wrist, he spun around to look into the most sexy eyes he'd ever seen. He let go of her wrist and she smiled.

"I, ah," he stuttered not quite sure what to say.

She said, "There was a spider making a web down your, well, you know.  I was trying to lift the spider web away from you.  Sorry."


“What words can describe the end of a relationship?”

Like oh my God, she is about to break up with me and she is trying to be poetic. But do I make fun of her? No. I just sit there trying to act nonchalant playing with my French fries and sipping on my water. The thought did occur to me that I might should stand up and run from the restaurant screaming that I am free, free at last.

“You know this is not easy for me. I’ve thought long and hard about it.”

Long and hard. God knows she does love my dick but from all the nagging she did during our entire relationship I would guess that is all she liked about me.


It is a cold wintry day. Sleet, ice has been falling for hours. The woods seem like a giant ice castle to me. Despite the falling limbs and trees around me, I marvel at the beauty. Though thirty something I smile an innocent child’s smile in awe of that around me, even as I face desperation fearing the tragedy this night might bring. I need to find refuge to escape the wet and the cold.




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Some Pics from the Movie Forbidden.
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Softy: Bikini Chain Gang

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Also: A Told From the Grave Story

Promotional Pics From DVD Dead Sexy

A Mighty Sexy Story

A Told from the Grave Story

Joe, June, and Rebecca


Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusades

Amelia Earhart?


Also erotic Story:

Harry and Margaret go to Mardi Gras


Sin City
Story: Perfect Story without graphic renderings. Written in Quickie Lit Style. Dude talking with a friend about his sexually eventful weekend
Story: Just Lovely - Erotic Story Contains Non-Explicit but Provocative Toons. Story Contains Strong Sexual, Language Content. Content includes some silly.
Story Storage Locker Revenge Contains Provocative but non-explicit graphic renderings. Story is real explicit.
Story Accidental Encounter Story without graphic renderings. It is about a wrong number guy gets on his cell phone. And talking to the babe on the other end leads to..........read more.
Story Love Happens Story with anatomically correct graphic renderings. The story is more romantic, with humor than explicit sexual, but because of graphic renderings and areas of discussion some people might be offended. If Movie, Probably Rated R.
Just Lovely: A Sexy Erotic Story

Just Lovely

A Sexy Erotic Story with a bit of silly.

The first thing that Sal noticed about Sally was the crack in the sidewalk her red high heel missed as she walked past him. And it occurred to him walking in those high heels, avoiding that crack in the sidewalk, walking right past him, was a nice set of legs. So he turned to gander longer at her smooth, sexy, legs strutting confidently away from him. It was highly unusual for Sal to rudely whistle at a nice looking ass, but it was such a nice ass attached to those legs, he whistled.

Sally turned at the sound of the chauvinistic whistle. And as she stared at the man and his puckered lips she had one of her artistic psychic impressions. She and this man were naked and some strange man was standing with them.

Sally couldn't resist. She had to walk back to this man who had whistled at her. Staring at him, she wondered why she'd had the psychic vision of being naked with this man. He wasn't bad looking, but he was a stranger.

Sal reached out his hand and told the young woman that his name is Sal. Sally grinned and told him her name as her hand touched his hand. Then she had another psychic vision.

In this vision Sal looked somewhat different. The side of his head was missing hair. It was so odd.

Of course Sal didn't know what was going through Sally's mind. He couldn't see inside her head. Narrowly avoiding the death penalty, he had learned from a previous incident 200 years earlier not to try that again.

Sal and Sally started walking together. They found themselves in front of a jewelry store. And in the jewelry store Sally found herself looking at different pieces of jewelry and repeating over and over again, "This piece is just lovely. Just lovely."


Just lovely was what Sal kept thinking while looking at Sally. He wondered if he bought her a piece of that lovely jewelry she kept raving about, what lovely things she might do with him. Finally he made up his mind. He was going to buy her a piece of jewelry.

“Which piece do you think my future wife would like as a gift,” Sal asked.

“I think your fiancée will love this diamond and ruby pendant.” Sally said and then thought to herself. “He is engaged. Fuck. Why are all the good ones either engaged or sitting in some Sports Bar getting drunk with their homophobic boyfriends.”

Sal told the sales clerk. “I would like to buy this $300 pendant.”

Sally thought to herself. “He didn’t even ask for a discount. The man has money. Son of a Bitching Werewolf with girly fangs. The man has money and he is engaged to someone else. Why couldn't he be engaged to me.”

After Sal bought the pendant, he handed it to Sally. “This is for you.”

“What? You said it was for your future wife.”

Sal grinned. He hoped he wasn’t being too forward.

Sally said in a rather thoughtful and calm tone, "I am a total stranger and you think I will be your future wife." Then Sally screamed. “Freaking Psycho. No way." Sally didn't consider that just moments earlier she had been wishing she was to be his intended.

"Freaking Psycho." Sally repeated those words that Sal most hated hearing.

Sal screamed, “Oh no," as smoke filled the room. Sal shook his head. In a more calm tone he stated, "Those words. They will conjure my evil Genie everytime. I don't know why so many people I meet insist on saying that to me.”

Coughing from the smoke but not yet seeing the Genie Sally said, “Yeah right. Give me a break. Any psycho magician can cause smoke to appear. Your Genie, my ass.”

About that time the Genie appeared. The Genie was the odd looking man from Sally’s vision. And before Sally and Sal knew what was happening they were transported into a storage area in the basement, and they were naked.

The Genie stuck his thumb up Sal's ass and told Sal that Sal's wish was his command.

"Get your fucking thumb out of my ass."

"That is one wish," the Genie said with an evil giggle. "Didn't I hear someone say, your Genie, my ass? You love sick fool, I think your ass now belongs to that nice lady."

Sal turned and looked at Sally. He thought now she would never be able to love him. How can a woman love a man who she has just seen having a Genie's thumb up his ass? "I wish Sally will not remember."

Sally asked, "Remember what? That you have a Genie. I think that is cool."

"And that I thought a piece of jewelry might win your heart."

Sally looked at Sal. She wished that she might have another psychic vision to know what the future should bring. But there was no vision. She could no longer remember the future. The evil Genie had robbed her of her talent.

Naked, Sal walked close to bare breasted Sally. Feeling queer he hardly noticed her D-Cup breast. Instead, he stared into her eyes and she stared into his eyes. He put his hand to her cheek and lovingly, gently kissed her. His heart beat like a drummer in a rock band masturbating to the pounding of his beating drum stick, and his cock began to harden like concrete. Wondering if Sally would be willing to write her name into his cock he considered comparing a hardening cock to hardening concrete was an analogy better left to Mexican day laborers trying to explain how Colorado's ski lodges rightfully belonged to them. It really didn't make sense but love seldom does. Sally looked at Sal's cock as though she were looking into his soul, and in his soul she saw a man she feared was too desperate to love. She wondered, "Could he be loved." If only there was a Dating Service handy to prepare a questionnaire for the two of them. But dating services are like taxi cabs, there is seldom one handy when you are naked with a man in a basement.

As Sally cupped Sal's balls, she asked, "What is your favorite color?"

The Genie answered, "His favorite color is the color of blood. In the thousands of years that he and I have walked this earth, we've seen quite a lot of blood."

As Sal gently pushed Sally's head toward his cock, Sal answered, "My favorite color is the color of the sun shining into the blue of the sky."

Sally ran her tongue around the head of Sal's cock and then she asked, "How many women have you loved."

The Genie answered, "He has fucked over 3,500 women."

Sal answered, "My heart is a virgin to love but one and be loved but by one. If our hearts should merge to beat as one, you will be my first love." And then Sal rammed his cock hard into Sally's mouth.

Sally spit a bit of Sals precum from her mouth and onto his cock. She asked, "And when you die, will your heart still only belong to the one who deflowers your heart."

The Genie answered, "I will never let him die. His soul is mine too torture beyond all time."

Sal humped his balls against Sally's mouth and answered, "Our love will be for an eternity."

Sally nibbled Sal's balls and then standing upright took Sal into her soft arms. Their lips met to make a wet kiss. Then Sal picked Sally up into his strong arms and placed her onto a bed and he crawled into the bed. He was about to climb on top of her when she turned him over and she got on top. She had never felt such sexual excitement as she rode his hard cock. As she climaxed in a quiver she fell into a quick slumber. Then as Sal finished up with an orgasm of his own, he thought Sally looked like a sleeping princess. A beautiful sleeping princess with her face covered in white sticky stuff. Then as his Genie began fucking his ass as payment for wishes served, he licked his princess clean from head to toe.

The Genie screamed, "Oh yeah, lick that sperm," as he pounded Sal's ass.

Sally woke in her own bed and there was no one at her side. She thought there should be someone at her side. She wanted there to be someone at her side. But who? Had it all just been a dream?

Then Sal walked into the room with a trey holding their breakfast. He smiled, "Our love will be eternal."

The Genie screamed from his bottle, "Oh, that is just lovely. Not"



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Story: Cuteo’s Tale (Contains gay erotic content)


Like it had been raining for 6 days straight. And I’d been driving my beat up old red mustang through all sorts of wet dirt. I’d name the types of mud but this isn’t a bedtime story intended to put you to sleep. Point is, my mustang was filthy as two pigs romping around like two strippers mud wrestling.


Story: Mystery of the Music Box (Contains gay erotic content)

Then the Bus stops. The young man, Jack Syleson, stands up and she sighs. She wishes she might get off the bus with him, but it is not her stop. He gets off the bus, gets his luggage, and then remaining in the bus she waits to travel on. He glances up at the young woman staring at him through the bus window. He somewhat regrets that he stole a music box from her bag.


Story: Junkyard Doggy Style (Contains gay erotic content)

...He wasn’t really that ugly, but he felt ugly. He hadn’t had sex in 6 months and then it hardly seemed real. He imagined the last time he had his cock sucked and the other things that happened. He wasn’t the one who initiated the seduction. And it was an older man he didn’t know that well. He had gone to buy a wrecked truck at the junkyard he c...


Story: Before the Internet (Contains gay erotic content)


Nineteen year old Marty liked riding his four wheeler through the woods back behind his house. Sometimes, he’d slip back behind a rock pile with a playboy magazine and a joint. He’d light up the joint and then start thumbing through the current issue of the magazine. He’d laugh at the jokes, but mostly he’d look at the pictures and fancy meeting one of the big breasted centerfolds. He’d get horny looking at the pictures and getting lost in the fantasy. No one was ever around and so he’d slip his shorts down and play with himself. Getting stoned and masturbating at the rock pile became a ritual for him.

One day, instead of playboy, he bought a penthouse. Usually in playboy, the pictures were mostly just of women. In penthouse, the layout he began staring at included a man. Looking at the good looking man and the good looking woman together seemed peculiar.

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