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Story: God Gives A Sexy Gift

Brandy Wise, a strapping man 24 years young, sat high in his saddle enjoying his ride west from Georgia to Louisiana. With the wind blowing his long blonde hair, he patted his Appaloosa mare Bing and he smiled up toward the clear blue sky. Such a beautiful day. He pulled in the reigns to Bing. Stopping. He pulled off his shirt. A young Creek maiden, Starlust, hiding in some bushes stared at Brandy’s muscular physique. She hoped, she prayed, that no one else from her tribe would happen upon this young man she named “Blonde Beauty.” Blonde Beauty is the name she called him in her daydream. It is the name she imagined whispering into his ear as he took her into his arms. It is the name she wished she might call out if he should ever cause her eyes to roll into the back of her head in sexual passion.

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Adventures of Harry Bangs - Shorty Stories

Harry Bangs- Free and a MightySexy.Com Exclusive

A Spider Story
A Spider Story

What's My Line - An Erotic Ghost Story
What's My Line - An Erotic Ghost Story

Dead of Winter - An Erotic Ghost Story
Dead of Winter - An Erotic Story

From Harry Bangs Stories

Standing in line at the Grocery store, Harry Bangs felt a hand against his backside. Without turning around, he quickly reached to catch the hand he felt sure was try to lift his wallet.  With his hand gripping a small wrist, he spun around to look into the most sexy eyes he'd ever seen. He let go of her wrist and she smiled.

"I, ah," he stuttered not quite sure what to say.

She said, "There was a spider making a web down your, well, you know.  I was trying to lift the spider web away from you.  Sorry."


“What words can describe the end of a relationship?”

Like oh my God, she is about to break up with me and she is trying to be poetic. But do I make fun of her? No. I just sit there trying to act nonchalant playing with my French fries and sipping on my water. The thought did occur to me that I might should stand up and run from the restaurant screaming that I am free, free at last.

“You know this is not easy for me. I’ve thought long and hard about it.”

Long and hard. God knows she does love my dick but from all the nagging she did during our entire relationship I would guess that is all she liked about me.


It is a cold wintry day. Sleet, ice has been falling for hours. The woods seem like a giant ice castle to me. Despite the falling limbs and trees around me, I marvel at the beauty. Though thirty something I smile an innocent child’s smile in awe of that around me, even as I face desperation fearing the tragedy this night might bring. I need to find refuge to escape the wet and the cold.




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Misty Mundae


Campy Softcore Can be fun.


Some Pics from the Movie Forbidden.
More Pics and Info on the real Campy and Cool
Softy: Bikini Chain Gang

Twin Pack Sexy DVD Promotional Pics

Also: A Told From the Grave Story

Promotional Pics From DVD Dead Sexy

A Mighty Sexy Story

A Told from the Grave Story

Joe, June, and Rebecca


Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusades

Amelia Earhart?


Also erotic Story:

Harry and Margaret go to Mardi Gras


Sin City
Story: Perfect Story without graphic renderings. Written in Quickie Lit Style. Dude talking with a friend about his sexually eventful weekend
Story: Just Lovely - Erotic Story Contains Non-Explicit but Provocative Toons. Story Contains Strong Sexual, Language Content. Content includes some silly.
Story Storage Locker Revenge Contains Provocative but non-explicit graphic renderings. Story is real explicit.
Story Accidental Encounter Story without graphic renderings. It is about a wrong number guy gets on his cell phone. And talking to the babe on the other end leads to..........read more.
Story Love Happens Story with anatomically correct graphic renderings. The story is more romantic, with humor than explicit sexual, but because of graphic renderings and areas of discussion some people might be offended. If Movie, Probably Rated R.
Erotic Gay Mystery

Mystery of the Music Box

A Bed and Breakfast Story

Mary Jane Clyde has not traveled much in her 20 years. She has flown by plane a couple of times but this was the first time she’d traveled by Greyhound. As the bus driver watches her boarding the bus, he thinks it most unusual that such a classy woman would be traveling with what he considered the dregs of society. But he is most glad to lay his eyes on her classic greek beauty; her jet black hair, her dark eyes, her olive complexion, and her petite waist. Of course what she notices the bus driver looking at is her huge breast.

Mary Jane positions beneath her seat her large red pocketbook and another small white bag she is carrying. She then sits down and doses off.

When Mary Jane wakes up she stares at the blonde haired stud sitting across from her on the Greyhound Bus. His hair is shoulder length and his eyes are blue and she wishes there is something she might think of to say to him. She imagines he is shirtless and thinks how nice it would be to run her tongue down his rock hard stomach. She wonders what it might be like to have his muscular arms wrapped around her. She greatly regrets she has not had sex since her ill fated tryst in the park.

Then the Bus stops. The young man, Jack Syleson, stands up and she sighs. She wishes she might get off the bus with him, but it is not her stop. He gets off the bus, gets his luggage, and then remaining in the bus she waits to travel on. He glances up at the young woman staring at him through the bus window. He somewhat regrets that he stole a music box from her bag.

As the Greyhound Bus pulls off, Jack looks out toward the ocean and notices a couple of nice looking women frolicking in the waves. He considers there are worse places he might have been assigned to sell Reverend Trask’s bibles.

Jack gets his luggage and sits down on a bench. He opens up his backpack and pulls out a music box he has stolen from the young woman sitting across from him on the bus. He notices what he thinks is odd red paint on the bottom of the music box. Listening to the music he pulls out a piece of paper from the box. It is a blackmail letter either the young woman or someone else has started but then never finished.

“I expect to be paid $10,000 or your father will receive pictures of you and I in the public park. I am sure he will not much like seeing what you and I are doing. I do not like “

Jack is not sure what to make of the letter. He puts it back in the music box and puts the music box back into his backpack.

Jack looks up at what appears to be a 50 year or so man staring at him. He thinks he might recognize the man from somewhere but he isn’t sure. Jack smiles and winks at the man and the man turns and walks away. Jack guesses that perhaps sometime in the past he has sold the man a bible.

Jack fastens his backpack onto his back and then picks up his suitcase. He only has to walk three blocks to reach the bed and breakfast where he will be staying.

As he enters the bed and breakfast he sees Joseph Wigham, Willy Trax, and Samantha Grey. In a way he is glad to see they will be his company on this assignment but in a way he fears he is getting too close to them. He thinks he does not want to get attached to them or anyone.

Joseph Wigham is handsome in a different way from Jack. He has well groomed brown hair and he has dark brown eyes. He isn’t muscular but is well toned and in shape. Jack considers Joseph’s face is pretty. He isn’t sure whether he more attracted to or jealous of Joseph.

Willy Trax is a rather plain looking man. He is somewhat on the pudgy side. He has unkempt reddish hair and green eyes. Jack has kind of a soft spot for Willy Trax but at the same time, sometimes he can’t help but pick on him.

Samantha Grey is a totally beautiful woman with a Marilyn Monroe figure. Jack loves running his fingers through her long blonde hair and kissing her breast. She has an easy smile and her blue eyes sometimes twinkle revealing a bit of a devilish side. Jack and Samantha are sometimes lovers and sometimes rivals. Playing mind games with helpless victims is their favorite past time. This is to the detriment of Joseph and Willy. Willy especially sometimes feels like when he is in a room with them he is like a mouse in a room with two cats.

Jack walks toward the stairwell without saying anything to any of them. At the stairwell, he bumps into Joseph Wigham. They stop after the collision without separating. Neither plan to give an inch. Nose to nose, stomach to stomach, crotch to crotch, and eye to eye they stare at one another. Silently, they stare into each other’s eyes. Then Joseph says in a gruff whisper, “Get the fuck out of my way you sorry cock sucking bastard.”

Jack smiles. He laughs. “What have I done to you today?”

“I don’t like you. I just don’t like you.”

Samantha laughs. “I think he is still angry because you sold twice as many Bibles as he did in Doraville.

“Come on now. You know you can‘t help but love me,” Jack says but somewhat chokes on the word love.

“Love. I don‘t think so.”

“Can I suck your cock.”

“No, you can’t suck my cock.”

“I think you would enjoy my mouth on your cock.”

“You are one sick fuck.”

Beautiful Samantha Grey walks up. Smiling ear to ear she whispers to Joseph. “Let him suck your cock. He has a tongue that will drive you wild.”

Joseph looks at Willy sitting on the couch. “Why did you two let Willy think that you Samantha have a crush on him? He is just sitting there. He hardly speaks to any of us any more.”

Samantha looks at Joseph and licks her lips. “I don‘t dislike Willy. He might stand a chance with me.”

Jack tells Joseph. “Willy might even stand a chance with me.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you people. You two have hurt Willy enough. Leave him alone”

Jack drops his luggage. He pushes Joseph back against the wall. He puts his lips to Joseph’s lips. He kisses him long, deep, and hard. Realizing he is getting an erection from the kiss, Joseph covers himself and runs up the stairs toward his bedroom.

Samantha laughs, “I am glad Reverend Trask did not walk in to see that. Willy walks quietly past them and up to his bedroom. Samantha says, “We really did hurt Willy.”

“Willy will be okay. We will make it right. But we are going to have some fun in the process.”

Jack picks his luggage up and goes up stairs to the bedroom that has been assigned to him. He sits his luggage on top of an old oak antique dresser. Jack kicks his shoes off, takes his shirt off and slips his worn blue jeans off. He tosses his clothes over onto a red velvet chair in front of the antique dresser. Jack pulls down the covers and lays down in the nice, comfort feel of clean, cool sheets against his skin.

Jack Syleson stares up toward the bland white ceiling of the bedroom and he looks around at the pale blue walls. He listens to the branch of a tree scratching against the window to the room. Then he reaches his hand down into his underwear and begins squeezing and playing with his own balls. Losing interest, he goes to sleep.

He begins to dream. The woman from the bus is in the park. The man he’d seen staring at him while he was looking at the note from the music box is also in the park. The man is holding a camera. The woman is holding a gun and there are two bloody corpses at her feet.

Jack woke. “Damned.” But quickly the dream fades from his thoughts as his thoughts turn to himself.

Jack sits up and eases himself to repose on the edge of the bed. He runs his hands through his blonde hair and yawns. Jack wants to relax. He wants to feel comfortable. But his tension builds as he considers his life.

Jack wonders, “Why in the fuck haven’t I quit this job.” But he doesn’t know what he would do without the job. He feels so lost. People he thought were his friends no longer speak to him. His brother and sister do that fake friendly bit with him at family gatherings, but he knows they no longer like being around him. When was the last time either of them had invited him to go anywhere with them. He couldn’t remember.

Standing up, Jack reaches over to the chair now in front of the window and away from the oak antique dresser. He picks up his worn blue jeans. Sliding them on, he then zips them up. He then puts on his old torn, green, t-shirt. Then staring into the mirror he wonders, “What do I do to irritate people?”

Jack looks at his luggage on top of the dresser and considers putting the luggage into the closet. First though, he walks over to open the closet door to look inside. He puts his right hand on the doorknob. He starts to turn the doorknob. But then he doesn’t. He hears a noise in the hall outside his room and so he walks over to look outside his room.

There he sees Willy. Smiling, Willy puts his arm around Jack. Jack can smell the booze on Willy’s breath. Willy says, “Have you seen the Greek Beauty who just registered to stay at this Bed and Breakfast. She is so beautiful. But of course she will have nothing to do with me.”

Jack slides with Willy into Willy’s bedroom. Jack tells him, “You do not give yourself enough credit.”

Willy looks at Jack. “Do you know you are more pretty than most of the women who I have ever slept with.”

“You are drunk.”

“And horny.”

Jack turns and starts to walk out of the bedroom but Willy stops him. “Suck my cock. Please suck my cock.”

“Now you know it is Samantha you really want.”

“But she doesn’t want me.”

“She will.”

Samantha comes into Willy’s bedroom as Jack leaves. Jack goes down stairs and then walks outside of the house and begins walking on the beach. Walking on the beach, Jack thinks how easy it would be to die this night. What does he have to live for?

Suddenly Joseph runs up next to him. “I can’t get that fucking kiss out of my mind. It was so pussy loving good. Totally george.”

Jack smiles at Joseph. “You don’t want to get mixed up with me. I am such a total asshole.”

“I don’t want to make you my nuts licking wife. I am not talking about getting my life all twisted up with yours.”

“Then what are you talking about?”

“I want you to kiss me again.”

Jack grabs hold of Joseph. He wraps his arms around him. He presses his crotch up against Joseph’s crotch. He then lays his head on Joseph’s shoulder. Jack whispers, “I want someone to love me. Can you love me?”

“I don’t even know whether I can like you. But feeling your arms around me. It felt so good.”

“I am not asking you to like me. Can you love me?”

Suddenly, Mary Jane Clyde walks up. She no longer is feeling timid around the nice looking stud. “You fucker. You stole my music box. I want it back.”

“I saw the blackmail note inside of it.”

“That is none of your business. I want my music box back.” Mary Jane pulls out a gun and points it at Jack. “Take me to my music box.”

Joseph steps back away from Jack. He looks at the Greek Beauty. “You are the music box blackmailer. I read about you on sayata.com. You get well off young men to dress up in women’s clothes to have sex with you in public places and then you blackmail them. You always send the blackmail note in a music box that you leave outside their door.”

Jack tells her, “The music box is in my room.”

“I searched your room. It is not in your room.”

“Then I have no idea. I guess someone must have stolen it from me. But what is the big deal. Get a new music box. Write a new letter out.”

“I’m not the blackmailer.”

“So you were being blackmailed.”

Joseph thought a second. “That would mean she is a dude. Damned. She is one pretty dude.”

Jack stared at the gun being pointed at him. “She is not just a dude. She is a killer.”

“You are smart. Aren’t you.”

“That music box proves you are the killer.”

Joseph ask, “How?”

“She/he killed the blackmailer, before the letter was finished. I thought it was red paint on the bottom of the box. It is blood. That is DNA evidence. And there is something about the box that somehow identifies you.”

Joseph shakes his head. “So why not destroy the box. Why carry it with you?”

“I am not telling you. God.” She then points her gun taking aim right between Joseph’s eyes.

Jack quickly jumps to knock the killer to the ground before she/he can fire the gun. About that same the man Jack saw at the bus station walks up. He flashes his badge and quickly takes over to put handcuffs on the killer of the Music Box blackmailer.

The detective explains, “The music box is fireproof and not easily destroyed. A secret compartment, that can only be opened by turning the winder in combination back and forward, holds a flash disk with the blackmail pictures.”

Jack ask, “Do you have the music box?”

“Yes, I removed it from your room earlier. I’d been working on the case and in talking with other blackmail victims had already figured out how to access the compartment.”

The police detective puts the killer into the back of his unmarked police car and drives off, leaving Jack and Joseph standing somewhat confused. Joseph laughs, “Well, that was weird.”

Jack shakes his head. “I will think twice before I steal anything again and that includes your love.”

Joseph grabs hold of Jack. He kisses him. He yanks his shirt off and runs his tongue over Jack’s nipples. He then runs his tongue down to Jack’s belly button and then unzips Jack’s worn blue jeans. Joseph has every intention of putting Jack’s cock into his mouth. There is a part of him that really wants to suck on it. But he doesn’t. He does not think he can.

“You saved my life. God knows you make me horny as hell. But I don’t love you.”

“You don’t have to love me. Just suck it.”

Joseph had never had a cock in his mouth before. It was an odd feeling to him.

“Just take it slow. Lick the head. Lick my balls.”

After Jack shot a hot load of cum onto the side of Joseph’s face, Jack knelt down next to him and kissed him. “You don’t have to love me. I do love you.”

Avalon Blazer
Bondi Urban Tough Guy Leather Trench
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sex pots Talk About Things At the Sayata Forum
Male Love Stories: Forget about the Lincoln Bedroom scandals of the Clinton administration; the real scandal is who was in Lincoln's bed in 1837. This highly provocative, often startling reconsideration of 19th- and early 20th-century male-male sexual relationships begins with a detailed description of what Katz depicts as Abraham Lincoln's romantic, erotic relationship with Joshua Speed, the man with whom he shared a decades-long intimate friendship, as well as a bed for three years. While Speed himself wrote that "no two men were ever more intimate," Katz is not arguing that these two men were homosexual; Katz makes it clear that referring "to early nineteenth-century men's acts or desires as gay or straight, homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual" places "their behaviors and lusts within our sexual system, not theirs." Katz, whose groundbreaking 1976 Gay American History is foundational to contemporary gay and lesbian studies, has researched deeply and widely, uncovering astonishing materials: a relationship between John Stafford Fiske, the U.S. consul to Scotland in 1870, and famous British cross-dresser Ernest Boulton; the existence of the Slide, a male-male pick-up bar in Greenwich Village in the 1890s; romances between older sailors and their "chickens" during the Civil War. Walt Whitman, noted Harvard mathematician James Millis Peirce, writer Charles Warren Stoddard, English philosopher Edward Carpenter Katz finds these men engaged in deeply loving and erotic friendship with no specific labels of sexual orientation attached. All of this is described and shaped with enormous sensitivity and judiciousness. Written clearly, succinctly and free from postmodern jargon, Katz's arguments are strong and vibrant. By contextualizing "sexual, acts, sexual desires, sexual identities" in their historical periods, but never avoiding the specifics of sexual activity or emotional connection, he contributes surprising, even shocking, insights into how sexual and emotional relationships are constructed, as well as demonstrating the enormous diversity and malleability of human eroticism.  


Sex Tips for Gay Guys (Paperback)



South Park - The Complete Ninth Season (1997)


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Story: Cuteo’s Tale (Contains gay erotic content)


Like it had been raining for 6 days straight. And I’d been driving my beat up old red mustang through all sorts of wet dirt. I’d name the types of mud but this isn’t a bedtime story intended to put you to sleep. Point is, my mustang was filthy as two pigs romping around like two strippers mud wrestling.


Story: Mystery of the Music Box (Contains gay erotic content)

Then the Bus stops. The young man, Jack Syleson, stands up and she sighs. She wishes she might get off the bus with him, but it is not her stop. He gets off the bus, gets his luggage, and then remaining in the bus she waits to travel on. He glances up at the young woman staring at him through the bus window. He somewhat regrets that he stole a music box from her bag.


Story: Junkyard Doggy Style (Contains gay erotic content)

...He wasn’t really that ugly, but he felt ugly. He hadn’t had sex in 6 months and then it hardly seemed real. He imagined the last time he had his cock sucked and the other things that happened. He wasn’t the one who initiated the seduction. And it was an older man he didn’t know that well. He had gone to buy a wrecked truck at the junkyard he c...


Story: Before the Internet (Contains gay erotic content)


Nineteen year old Marty liked riding his four wheeler through the woods back behind his house. Sometimes, he’d slip back behind a rock pile with a playboy magazine and a joint. He’d light up the joint and then start thumbing through the current issue of the magazine. He’d laugh at the jokes, but mostly he’d look at the pictures and fancy meeting one of the big breasted centerfolds. He’d get horny looking at the pictures and getting lost in the fantasy. No one was ever around and so he’d slip his shorts down and play with himself. Getting stoned and masturbating at the rock pile became a ritual for him.

One day, instead of playboy, he bought a penthouse. Usually in playboy, the pictures were mostly just of women. In penthouse, the layout he began staring at included a man. Looking at the good looking man and the good looking woman together seemed peculiar.

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Kid Rock, Scott Stapp Sex Video. Yeah, this is old. And no, no packages are shown here. Also included a pic of Pamela Anderson on page.

jonlajoie - Commerical Parody, Selling Being Gay, High As F*ck, I liked both of these.

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