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Sapphire with Mary Carey

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Story: God Gives A Sexy Gift

Brandy Wise, a strapping man 24 years young, sat high in his saddle enjoying his ride west from Georgia to Louisiana. With the wind blowing his long blonde hair, he patted his Appaloosa mare Bing and he smiled up toward the clear blue sky. Such a beautiful day. He pulled in the reigns to Bing. Stopping. He pulled off his shirt. A young Creek maiden, Starlust, hiding in some bushes stared at Brandy’s muscular physique. She hoped, she prayed, that no one else from her tribe would happen upon this young man she named “Blonde Beauty.” Blonde Beauty is the name she called him in her daydream. It is the name she imagined whispering into his ear as he took her into his arms. It is the name she wished she might call out if he should ever cause her eyes to roll into the back of her head in sexual passion.

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Adventures of Harry Bangs - Shorty Stories

Harry Bangs- Free and a MightySexy.Com Exclusive

A Spider Story
A Spider Story

What's My Line - An Erotic Ghost Story
What's My Line - An Erotic Ghost Story

Dead of Winter - An Erotic Ghost Story
Dead of Winter - An Erotic Story

From Harry Bangs Stories

Standing in line at the Grocery store, Harry Bangs felt a hand against his backside. Without turning around, he quickly reached to catch the hand he felt sure was try to lift his wallet.  With his hand gripping a small wrist, he spun around to look into the most sexy eyes he'd ever seen. He let go of her wrist and she smiled.

"I, ah," he stuttered not quite sure what to say.

She said, "There was a spider making a web down your, well, you know.  I was trying to lift the spider web away from you.  Sorry."


“What words can describe the end of a relationship?”

Like oh my God, she is about to break up with me and she is trying to be poetic. But do I make fun of her? No. I just sit there trying to act nonchalant playing with my French fries and sipping on my water. The thought did occur to me that I might should stand up and run from the restaurant screaming that I am free, free at last.

“You know this is not easy for me. I’ve thought long and hard about it.”

Long and hard. God knows she does love my dick but from all the nagging she did during our entire relationship I would guess that is all she liked about me.


It is a cold wintry day. Sleet, ice has been falling for hours. The woods seem like a giant ice castle to me. Despite the falling limbs and trees around me, I marvel at the beauty. Though thirty something I smile an innocent child’s smile in awe of that around me, even as I face desperation fearing the tragedy this night might bring. I need to find refuge to escape the wet and the cold.




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Misty Mundae


Campy Softcore Can be fun.


Some Pics from the Movie Forbidden.
More Pics and Info on the real Campy and Cool
Softy: Bikini Chain Gang

Twin Pack Sexy DVD Promotional Pics

Also: A Told From the Grave Story

Promotional Pics From DVD Dead Sexy

A Mighty Sexy Story

A Told from the Grave Story

Joe, June, and Rebecca


Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusades

Amelia Earhart?


Also erotic Story:

Harry and Margaret go to Mardi Gras


Sin City
Story: Perfect Story without graphic renderings. Written in Quickie Lit Style. Dude talking with a friend about his sexually eventful weekend
Story: Just Lovely - Erotic Story Contains Non-Explicit but Provocative Toons. Story Contains Strong Sexual, Language Content. Content includes some silly.
Story Storage Locker Revenge Contains Provocative but non-explicit graphic renderings. Story is real explicit.
Story Accidental Encounter Story without graphic renderings. It is about a wrong number guy gets on his cell phone. And talking to the babe on the other end leads to..........read more.
Story Love Happens Story with anatomically correct graphic renderings. The story is more romantic, with humor than explicit sexual, but because of graphic renderings and areas of discussion some people might be offended. If Movie, Probably Rated R.
A sexy ghost story

Adventure of Harry Bangs

What’s My Line
A Ghost Story

“What words can describe the end of a relationship?”

Like oh my God, she is about to break up with me and she is trying to be poetic. But do I make fun of her? No. I just sit there trying to act nonchalant playing with my French fries and sipping on my water. The thought did occur to me that I might should stand up and run from the restaurant screaming that I am free, free at last.

“You know this is not easy for me. I’ve thought long and hard about it.”

Long and hard. God knows she does love my dick but from all the nagging she did during our entire relationship I would guess that is all she liked about me.

“Dear, sweetheart, I will miss you. But I think it is time we start seeing other people.”

I smile. I lick my lips. I look at my watch. “Well, dear, call me when you are lonely and horny. You know I make a good fuck buddy.”

She smiles. She stands up. She leaves. And so I am left sitting alone. I wonder what I am going to do when I am old and gay, I mean gray. What if this bitch who has just dumped me is my last hope at love? I hate eating alone. I hate sleeping alone. I hate having sex alone.

As I leave the restaurant I consider jumping in front of an automobile but the way my luck is going I’d just get a ticket for jaywalking. I get into a taxicab.

“Where to Mr.?”

“East and 3rd.”

As we start to drive off I see a woman attempting to wave a taxicab down. I tell the driver to stop and pick her up. He does. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits, and a figure to die for. She tells me her boyfriend is a mob boss. I tell her congratulations. Okay, so I’m not witty. I ask her if he has ever killed anyone. She suggest perhaps, maybe he has but if she tells me more she might have to kill me. I explain I have been considering suicide. She laughs.

The woman gets out of the cab at East and 12th. I am alone again. The taxi driver begs to differ. I don’t argue. He stops and picks up another woman. She has red hair, green eyes, and big tits, and a figure that would give a chubby chaser a hard on.

“I can’t believe I get to share my cab with such a nice looking young man. Like God, I usually end up with these fat old women who have nothing better to talk about than the good old days when it was okay for a woman to hate sex. Do you hate sex?”

I smile. I wink. I tell her, “Sex and I are the best of friends. Like just the other day I was telling Sex how much I like being around her. She tells the best jokes.”

She giggles. “I know. Sex is the best. When you are feeling down and blue Sex is always there to cheer you up. But you know, when I am out on the town with Sex she seems to attract the worst men.”

I agree. “And the worst women. One of them dumped me tonight.”

“You got dumped. The girl who dumped you must be a lesbian.”

“Yeah. Seriously. But I think I prefer to think of her as an ugly gay man who can‘t get laid even at an orgy of ogres.”

“So it was a bad breakup. I know how you feel.”

“How is that?”

“My husband left me.”

“I am sorry.”

“It was his heart. The SOB up and died on me.”

“That is awful.”

“You telling me. He weighed 300 pounds. But the medics were able to get his naked corpse off of me without too much trouble.”

I ask, “So how long has it been since you’ve had sex.”

“You mean with another person.”


“Two years. I haven’t had a cock in my pussy for two years.”

“So, maybe, do you want to come back to my place.”

“Yes. Yes I would.”

So I think how lucky am I. I have great sex with this woman. She can do such great things with her tongue. You know, like not talking during sex. But still I slip into a bad habit and scream out that I’ve already taken the garbage out. Then when it is time for her to leave I discover how lucky I am not. She tells me that she is homeless person. She has no where to go. Like fuck. And thinking back, okay I lied, the sex wasn’t that great.

Not wanting to be mean to this lady who I have just had sex with I let her stay in my house while I go to work. Work. I hate work. Now you might be so nosey as to want to know what I do for a living. Well, for now I am not going to tell you. It is enough that I tell you that I leave a strange woman alone in my house who I have just met while I go to work.

So what do you imagine might happen while I am at work and this woman is left by herself in a strange place with no friends? When I return home from my job I find my door ajar. I scream into my home that electricity does not grow on trees. As I enter my home I am already to pick a fight with my new roommate about trying to heat the whole outdoors. Then I see my couch has been turned over. I notice the broken lamp on the floor next to the fireplace. I hear water running. And I get the most awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I go into the bathroom and as I see her body laying on the floor, the running water in the sink is causing me to need to piss in the most awful way. So I turn toward the toilet and unzip my pants. I begin peeing and then I see in the mirror my shower curtain move. I am so scared I could piss in my pants but luckily I am already peeing in the toilet. Suddenly I see the woman’s ghost crawling out of my shower.

She screams, “I am dead. How can I be dead? Where is the light. Where is the fucking light. I want to walk into the light.”

I ask, “So who you killed you.”

“No one. I slipped and fell and hit my head.”

“What about my turned over couch and the broken lamp?”

“I was playing ball with your dog.”

“I don’t have a dog. Are you talking about that ceramic dog next to the fireplace?”“That explains a lot.”

The ghost then fades into thin air. I finish peeing and zip my pants. I then go and call the police to report the accident. Luckily the police realize it was an accident and there are no questions. Thank God, because the inquiry could have ruined my career. Now I know you have been wondering what I do for a living and so now I am going to tell you. See, I am a hit man for the mob. Poor woman I’d forced the meeting with in the taxi who was so proud of being married to the mob, she didn’t know what hit her when I‘d gone to work earlier and I did my job.

The End

Copyright 2007

Sexy Picks for Reading and Viewing Pleasure

The Stunt Man (1980)

The "lost" sleeper hit of 1980 has since become one of the most revered cult movies of all time, largely due to its bawdy, irreverent story about the art and artifice of filmmaking and an outrageously clever performance by Peter O'Toole. As megalomaniacal film director Eli Cross, O'Toole plays a larger-than-life figure whose ability to manipulate reality is like a power-trip narcotic. The focus of his latest mind game is a fugitive (Steve Railsback) recruited to replace a stuntman killed during a recent on-set accident. In return for protective sanctuary, the fugitive takes a crash course in stunt work but soon discovers that he's the paranoid player in a game he can't control, with the dictatorial director making up the rules. Or is he? The Stunt Man is a game of its own, played through the fantasy of filmmaking, and half the fun of watching the movie comes from sharing the stuntman's paranoid confusion. Barbara Hershey has a smart, sexy supporting role as a lead actress who won't submit to her director's seemingly devious behavior; but it's clearly O'Toole who steals the show. Director Richard Rush adds to the movie's maverick appeal--in a career plagued by struggles against the mainstream studio system, Rush hasn't made a better movie before or since. The Stunt Man clearly represents the potential of his neglected talent. --Jeff Shannon

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Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip (2003)


I am a (...), Mother of two that has been working out religiously for three years. I go to the gym, lift weights, practice yoga and horseback ride. I have gotten bored with my current routine and was looking to energize my workouts. I saw these DVD's and thought I would give them a try. I am very glad that I bought DVD#1 with DVD#2 as each of them is very different. DVD#1 is the striptease instruction (with two routines) and DVD#2 is the workout to prepare your body for the routines. Don't get #2 if you want to striptease because there isn't any in it. What is on the DVD is a great total body workout that is fun and challenging. I haven't been this sore in my (...) and thighs since I started riding horses! I haven't gotten the courage to try the routines in DVD#1 yet..but when I have some alone time without the kids I will since they look fun. One other point, unlike other workout DVD's Carmen and her trainer are not only nice to look out, but limit the chit chat and are not annoyingly upbeat. They are down to earth and don't waste our time trying to motivate the viewer. It is definitely a good buy on Amazon and I would recommend getting both DVD's to start.

More Info or Purchase


Caligula (Unrated Version) (1980)


Caligula, one of the most controversial movies ever made, is now available on DVD. This film was a real eye-opener for me, and the DVD is far superior to the VHS that was floating around a bit in the '80s (for all you people complaining about the quality, just shudder to think of how it used to be). The story of Rome's infamous emperor was probably not this wild in real life, but this is Penthouse and as a result is chockablock with sexual scenes and graphic violence. Because Caligula is basically in every single scene, it's hard for the other characters to develop, but there are some colorful supporting players, and McDowell really delivers. It's hard to believe his next film was to play the reserved, scholarly H.G. Wells ("Time After Time.") He is quite a talented actor. The movie drags on and on, and sometimes the cinematography is uncertain, but other times it is dead on the money. The film is a bit grainy on DVD, but as someone else once said, this really contributes to the "gritty" factor. As far as realism, many of the sex scenes look real, but I doubt the world has ever seen the likes of that purple-skinned four-eyed (or was it three-eyed?) woman, plus the guy with all those extra digits and the siamese twins joined at the head resting at Tiberius' palace. And how about the scene where Caligula "consecrates" that marriage...if that's how it was, I'd never get married.

More Info or Purchase

Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (1968)


You want classic Sci Fi with visionary special effects and mind-bending themes? Check out STAR WARS or 2001! You want a zero gravity striptease, costumes that fall off at a moment's notice, and a space craft with wall to wall shag carpeting traveling through a lava lamp? BARBARELLA fits the bill! This is the widescreen DVD version with no edits. Although I have heard rumors of a more racy cut somewhere out there, this is not the PG rerelease from the 70s. See the movie Jane Fonda wants you to forget! Too bad because she's sexy, funny, and beautiful here. Groove to the soundtrack of Phil Spector rip-offs, watch in awe as she seduces ... well... everyone in the film (incuding a female tyrant with a horn!). But still, it's pretty tame and innocent fun. I watch this when I want to be in a good mood. It's silly, fluffy fun! A pink bunny if you will.

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A drummer singing. Cool

I still hate my band teacher for trying to make me learn the trombone when I wanted to play the drums. The b*tch.


Janice Dickinson Twelve Days of Christmas, yeah christmas is over but this is good if you havesn't seen it.


Christo Savalas - See you Smile
1 roll ductape+1 webcam+1 car=music video


More Mighty Sexy Stories

Story: Cuteo’s Tale (Contains gay erotic content)


Like it had been raining for 6 days straight. And I’d been driving my beat up old red mustang through all sorts of wet dirt. I’d name the types of mud but this isn’t a bedtime story intended to put you to sleep. Point is, my mustang was filthy as two pigs romping around like two strippers mud wrestling.


Story: Mystery of the Music Box (Contains gay erotic content)

Then the Bus stops. The young man, Jack Syleson, stands up and she sighs. She wishes she might get off the bus with him, but it is not her stop. He gets off the bus, gets his luggage, and then remaining in the bus she waits to travel on. He glances up at the young woman staring at him through the bus window. He somewhat regrets that he stole a music box from her bag.


Story: Junkyard Doggy Style (Contains gay erotic content)

...He wasn’t really that ugly, but he felt ugly. He hadn’t had sex in 6 months and then it hardly seemed real. He imagined the last time he had his cock sucked and the other things that happened. He wasn’t the one who initiated the seduction. And it was an older man he didn’t know that well. He had gone to buy a wrecked truck at the junkyard he c...


Story: Before the Internet (Contains gay erotic content)


Nineteen year old Marty liked riding his four wheeler through the woods back behind his house. Sometimes, he’d slip back behind a rock pile with a playboy magazine and a joint. He’d light up the joint and then start thumbing through the current issue of the magazine. He’d laugh at the jokes, but mostly he’d look at the pictures and fancy meeting one of the big breasted centerfolds. He’d get horny looking at the pictures and getting lost in the fantasy. No one was ever around and so he’d slip his shorts down and play with himself. Getting stoned and masturbating at the rock pile became a ritual for him.

One day, instead of playboy, he bought a penthouse. Usually in playboy, the pictures were mostly just of women. In penthouse, the layout he began staring at included a man. Looking at the good looking man and the good looking woman together seemed peculiar.

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Kid Rock, Scott Stapp Sex Video. Yeah, this is old. And no, no packages are shown here. Also included a pic of Pamela Anderson on page.

jonlajoie - Commerical Parody, Selling Being Gay, High As F*ck, I liked both of these.

100 Sexiest Men, 100 Sexiest Women 2007

Movie Trailer: Another Gay Movie



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