Naked Detective

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Please note that there was a previous linking error to an old page that had nothing to do with anything current. Sorry for the error. I try to always double check links but I screwed up. My computer at the store crashed and...............I won't bore you with the details.......but to say don't buy a Pavilion 533w...the computer was less than 6 months old and the hard drive started vanishing from the bios until it finally stopped a new hard drive which does show up in the bios...decided to install Windows 98...had various problems because of fictious reports of hard drive the computer also crashes after it hibernates...some programs won't install......okay I've already bored you with the details.

Still haven't dealt with HP's people to send the computer back. It is still under warranty--limited--I think. But went on and bought a new computer with extended warranty and I am back working on my web stuff at the store. I still could work on stuff at the house but I don't have a dsl line at the house........