If you can find this movie somewhere to watch, it is a fun movie with Misty Mundae.

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From ei Independent Cinema - creators of Lord of the Strings and Carlito's Angels - comes their most spectacular film yet! SpiderBabe is a non-stop, over- the-top action epic and hilarious spoof featuring sexy superheroes, voluptuous villains and outrageous visual fx! ei Cinema starlet Misty Mundae (Lord of the Strings, Play-mate of the Apes) is Patricia Porker, a shy and studious college girl with sweet dreams of romance with a handsome jock. When bitten by her science teacher's genetically engineered arachnid, she gets more than she could have ever wished for! Suddenly transformed into a wall-climbing, building-bounding beauty with superhuman strength, Patricia takes the name 'SpiderBabe' and quickly warms to saving lives and fighting crime in New York City. But little does SpiderBabe know that a sinister arch-enemy is plotting her downfall. Her name is Lucinda Knoxx, a.k.a. The Femtilian (Julian Wells) - a lithe, deadly and delectable evil genius with her own taste for adventure - and she will stop at nothing in her mad quest for global domination. J.J.J.J., curvaceous editor of The Daily Bungle, also has it in for our world wide web-flinger, and she employs a macho reporter and a gorgeous spy to dig deep and get the dirt on SpiderBabe. As superhero and supervillain come to blows, will it be a climactic battle to save Manhattan…or will SpiderBabe and Femtilian walk off into the sunset together?

SpiderBabe is a movies where at least one reviewer says that the R version is better than the unrated version. I don't know. They have some pretty good lesbian scenes in the R version which I would guess are still in the unrated version..