If offended by somewhat sexually explicit stories, erotica that includes gay sex, then this story is probably not for you. If it were a movie with more talk than depiction I would rate the story R.

If you believe in censorship please exit now.


Cuteo’s Tale
(written in Quickie Lit Style)


Like it had been raining for 6 days straight. And I’d been driving my beat up old red mustang through all sorts of wet dirt. I’d name the types of mud but this isn’t a bedtime story intended to put you to sleep. Point is, my mustang was filthy as two pigs romping around like two strippers mud wrestling.

Anyways, on this morning I am going to tell you about, I woke with the sun shining through my window right into my bright baby blue eyes. I ran my hands through my long blonde hair and stretched. I knew this was going to be a bodacious good day. Why the f*ck not? What could go wrong? It was not raining and once I got my car cleaned up I thought I’d cruise around Beach Street to look for some ladies to flirt with.

First things first though. I had a morning boner that would just not unbone. I jumped into the shower to pound my meat. I was having a pretty good time thinking about a girl down at the Convenience Ain’t Us Store when the phone began to ring. I was like all son a bitch who the f*ck can that be. I grabbed a towel and ran to the kitchen next to my room to answer the phone. It was one of my Uncle’s Poker Buddies, Julio. He was like where is your Uncle. Does he have the money he owe’s me. Blah, blah, blah.

I continued playing with my balls and pounding my hard dick while Julio was telling me how some knee breakers from Miami were going to hurt him if he didn’t come up with the money he owes his bookie. I was pretending to be all sympathetic when all of a sudden I shot a load of sperm so hard it hit me in the face. What a freaking mess and then the most embarrassing thing happened. My Uncle walked in with me sitting naked, on the phone, next to the kitchen bar and with sperm all over my face.

I didn’t know what the fuck to say. My Uncle screamed that if he got a bill from one of those 900 numbers he was going to kick my sorry ass out. I rolled my eyes and told him no, it is your friend Julio and he wants the money you owe him. He was like, you and Julio were having phone sex. My uncle was getting all judgmental so I threw the f*cking phone at my uncle and told him that I am not his freaking secretary. I left him scratching his head while I went back to my bedroom’s bathroom and shower.

I cleaned up, got dressed, and when I came out of my room Julio was there in the kitchen with my Uncle. Julio started joking with his oh, baby, ooh baby, you like it like that and told me that my Uncle still thought we were having phone sex. I told him that as long my Uncle thinks he is the bottom that it does not matter. Julio laughed.

Then my Uncle broke the bad news to Julio. My Uncle told him that all he could pay him was $200 of the $500 that he owed him. Julio was non too happy. To say that he stopped laughing is an understatement. Julio looked at me and asked how much money I had. I made clear to him that I didn’t owe him any money. Then Julio made clear that when the knee breakers come to put him in the hospital he will make damned sure they put my Uncle in the hospital as well. I told him that all I had was $100 and that I needed that. Julio said that he knew a man who might give me a $1000 for my car. I screamed at him to suck my dick. There was no way in f*cking hell I was going to sell my car. I suggested that he sell his or my Uncle’s car. He said he had sold his mustang and that he didn’t know anyone who would buy that piece of junk my Uncle drives or the piece of junk he was left driving.

Bad to say it but I love my Uncle and so I finally agreed to sell my mustang. So we drive it over to some weird dude’s place. Romeo Jackson is his name. He is one huge black man who talks with a somewhat Faggish, British accent. First time I heard him talk it was all I could do to stop from laughing. But then after he said how is it hanging in that weird accent he said he would only pay $200 for my mustang. He called it a dirty looking piece of shit. His accent no longer seemed so much amusing as irritating.

I told Romeo no f*cking way was I going to sell it for that. When Julio and Romeo started trying to convince me I told them both they could suck my dick. Really wasn’t a good thing to say to Romeo. He walked over to me all angry like and then he put his huge left hand on my crotch. I grabbed a hold of his hand and shook my head. He smiled. He told me that if I wanted $1,000 for my car that I was going to have to wash it. Then with a laugh he told me, naked. I was like, what. He told me that unless I washed my car in the nude there was no way he would even consider paying more than $200 for it.

It was private back behind his house and so I drove my car around to where maybe no unsuspecting person would see me naked. He brought me a bucket, some old towels, some washing solutions, and a hose pipe. He repeated to me, naked. I sat down on an old stump and took my shoes and socks off. I pulled my shirt off. I pulled my pants off. Leaving my boxers on I walked over to start washing the car. Julio walked over and repeated what Romeo had said, naked. So I pulled my boxers off and through them in Julio’s face. In front of this obviously gay, huge, black man I stood naked. Romeo told me to start washing the car and so I did.

When I was finished I put my clothes back on. Julio told Romeo how good the car looked. Romeo said he didn’t think so. What? I said you told me that you would pay me and he interrupted me. He told me that he had said that there was no way he would consider paying me more than $200 unless I washed it in the nude. He said he considered it and then he decided no f*cking way. So Julio and I got into my clean Mustang and drove off.

Julio said since I obviously didn’t mind getting naked that he knew a strip club where anyone could take their clothes off and dance for tips. I thought he was out of his mind. No way. I kept saying no way but still I drove to where he told me. It turned out to be a gay biker bar. You have got to be kidding was what I kept telling him as we got out of my car.

Inside the bar there were three roped off wrestling rings. There were fairly young dudes, I guess around 18 like myself, in each of the end rings. The center ring was empty. I watched as bikers entered the rings and shouted anywhere from $1 to $10. If they shouted $1 they stayed in the ring for 30 seconds with the dude before being ordered out. During the 30 seconds they tried kissing the dudes, putting their hands down their pants, pinching their ass and the like. If they shouted $5, same thing, but they stayed in the ring for 2 minutes. When the stripper shouted double team, then a 2nd man would enter the ring during the last minute of the 1st man or first minute of the 2nd man paying $5 or more. If the man shouted $10 they were in the ring for 3 minutes and they were allowed to try to remove an article of the dudes clothing. When the stripper shouted double team and the man entering shouted $10 then both men could try to remove the article of clothing during the shared minute. Julio told me that if they got the dude naked, no one could enter the ring for under $10 for 3 minutes. I watched as one of the dudes in the ring got down to just his socks. Julio said and once the dude is naked, if any biker gives him $50 and is able to kiss him on the lips or balls then he has to leave the stage and go into a backroom with the biker.

I stared at Julio. Like no f*cking way. This isn’t a harmless little strip club. This is some kind of weird, freako, gay biker wrestling club whore house. Julio was like have you seen any wrestling going on. At about that time the dude who was about to lose his last sock managed to pick one of the bikers up and body slam him. I said that is wrestling. And Julio said not allowing the bikers to take your clothes off is part of the game. You also don’t have to let them play with your dick or anything, but if you don’t allow them any touchy, feely or give them some touchy feely they aren’t likely to keep paying to come on stage. At about that time the biker who had been body slammed got back up and was none too happy. He grabbed the dude by the hair of the head, tangled his head in the ropes, and then removed the dudes last sock. The biker still had one minute in the ring and he pulled a bottle of lube from his pocket. While the dude was still trying to untangle himself from the ropes the biker began putting the lube on and in the dudes ass. The dude jumped from the ropes just as the biker was about to start finger f*cking him. Then the bikers time was up and he left the ring. The next biker shouted $10, entered the ring, and quickly knocked the dude to the mat. He pulled out a vibrator and started working it in and out of the dudes ass. Then he flipped the dude over and began playing with the dudes dick and balls. Just as the bikers 3 minutes were about to be up, he picked the dude up and body slammed him. Then the next biker shouted $50 before climbing into the ring. Somehow, even though still trying to get over the attack from the previous biker, the dude managed to allude the biker for 3 minutes. Julio laughed, now see 3 minutes and $50. But then the next biker was the same biker who had previously used the vibrator on the dude. He shouted $50 and entered the ring with speed and intent. Still, the dude was able to jump up and kick him, knocking him to the matt. The dude stood over him, holding his cock, and shouted that the biker would never get some of that. As the biker began moving to stand up the dude quickly jumped away. Then the biker stood and came at the dude again. This time the dude missed his kick and fell on the matt. As he shouted oh f*ck the biker jumped on top of him and gave him a big kiss on the lips. The biker screamed as he yanked the dude up off the matt. He screamed that he was going to give Wally an ass f*cking like he has never had.

I shook my head at Julio. What, the dude goes through all that and gets like $300 to end up with his ass getting f*cked. I don’t think so. A biker who was listening said I’ve been the dancer dude and left the stage with over $700 and didn’t end up in the backroom. The trick is to treat the $1 and $5 tricks good. I mean, if you can keep the $5 tricks happy you can make, $225 or more from them for the 90 minutes you stay in the ring. He said that you want part of your clothing removed. You can play the double team shout to pull in more of the $10 shouts. He emphasized that you actually want to be left wearing just your underwear and socks fairly quickly. He told me that you got to be willing to kiss the $5 tricks and even put your hand down their pants. Then when your time is close to up you decide whether you want to take a chance or not and allow the remaining of your clothing removed. If you can avoid being kissed then in the last 30 minutes without any clothes on you can earn $100 to $500. You’ve got to be careful though that the $10 trick doesn’t weaken you before the $50 trick comes in to try to kiss you for a f*cking in the backroom.

I asked the biker if he had ever ended up in the backroom. He admitted that he had lost a couple of times. He said but one of the times all the biker wanted to do was to suck his cock. He told me to look around the bar. He said that a fairly large number of the bikers in the bar were more into receiving than pitching. He laughed and suggested that even that last biker who was shouting how he was going to f*ck the dude’s ass probably went to the backroom to get his own ass f*cked.

Again, I shook my head at Julio. I told him that there was no way I was going into the ring. So we left. Even though I am now having to visit Julio and my Uncle in the hospital I still think I made the right decision. Better their legs in a sling than my ass.

Course, to be honest, when I am jerking off I sometimes think about when I almost became a male whore at a gay biker bar. It is sort of a turn on to think about the ring.

Now don’t tell this to Julio but I went back to the home of the dude who would not pay me $1,000 for my mustang. He only wanted to pay me $200. Well, he did end up giving me $200 but not for the mustang.

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A Bad Guy's Tale

Driving in the rain this night the windshield wipers, but for the squeaking, were hypnotizing. Riding along the long road I felt an eeriness that I couldn‘t shake. The headlights of other cars hitting my eyes seemed constant and then nothing. It was like suddenly I was on the road alone. Then I saw a deer dash across the road in front of me. I mean, right in front of me.

I turned the radio on but could not get a strong signal on any of the stations. Just as I turned the radio off I saw a car stopped in front of me. I slammed on brakes. Then I pulled off to the side of the road and I got out of my car in the dark, in the rain, to see what was going on.

A young blonde haired male stud was trying to push his old mustang car out of the road but he couldn’t get it to budge. I got on the other side and with great difficulty helped him push it out of the road. As I joked that he must have one huge fat man in the trunk of the mustang, he introduced himself as Cuteo. I thought that was the most odd name. He said that he was going to visit his Uncle in the hospital but he guess now he needed to go to a parts place for an alternator instead. I told him that I had a friend that collected mustangs just like his and that he might have the parts that he needed. So Cuteo got into my car and I drove a very short distance to my friend’s, Romeo Jackson's, house.

When I pulled up in front of my friend’s house Cuteo couldn’t believe it. He told me that a friend had brought him to this same house just two days ago for him to try to sell his car.

He said, "Mr. Romeo played me like a sucker. Made me think he would give me a good price for my car if I would take my clothes off and wash it in the nude."

I laughed, "Yeah, that sounds like Romeo." Most seriously and quite impertinently I asked if afterwards he’d let Romeo suck him. I said, "That man has got a mouth that is like total magic when his lips and tongue go to work."

Cuteo smiled with an awe shucks grin and told me no. Then we got out of my car and walked up to Mr. Romeo’s house. Romeo opened the door and we told him what was going on. Romeo laughed that Cuteo should have taken the $200 he had offered for the piece of junk. Cuteo laughed that according to me he should have tried to get $200 for something else. Romeo told him that he did have an alternator but he really didn’t want to pull it off the junk in the rain. Cuteo figured he probably would be able to get it from a parts place which Romeo said that probably would be the thing to do; go to a parts place.

Both Cuteo and I were fairly drenched from the rain. Romeo invited us in and naturally suggested we take our wet clothes off. Being funny, he turned on some porn music before making that suggestion. Cuteo began dancing like doing a strip tease and said it was like every time he met Romeo he found himself getting naked for him. I started dancing with Cuteo as we both took our clothes off.

Romeo screamed at us, "God you are getting my cock hard."

I moved in closer to Cuteo as he was down to nothing but his wet T-Shirt and I was down to just my boxers. I pulled his shirt off and put my arms softly around his shoulders. I touched my lips against his lips. From his reaction I knew he had never been with a man before. My gaydar made me think he is gay but maybe he just didn’t know it yet. Then surprising, after our nervous kiss, he responded to me taking his wet shirt off by dropping to his knees and pulling my boxers down and off. So there he was down on his knees and staring at my cock. He was about to stand back up when Romeo put his huge hands on the back of Cuteo’s head and kept him down on his knees and staring at my cock growing in front of his eyes.

Romeo said, "You know you want to put it in your mouth."

Cuteo said, "Julio took me over to the Gay Biker Bar over on East Street after we left your place the other day. He wanted me to get into the ring to earn the money he needed to stop some knee breakers from Miami going after him and my Uncle. I couldn’t do it."

I thought to myself, "Oh shit, that was this dude’s Uncle and friend that I put in the hospital. What a freaking small world."

Romeo stared at me. He knew my line of work. But he didn’t rat me out to the young stud.

Romeo got down on his knees next to Cuteo and Romeo kissed the head of my cock. God, that felt so good. Then he kissed Cuteo on the side of the face. Romeo then told Cuteo that if he sucked me off he would pay Cuteo $200.

Cuteo protested. "I am not a whore."

I suggested, "We are all whores. It just all isn’t about sex."

Romeo stood up and pulled two one hundred dollar bills from his billfold. He dropped them in front of Cuteo. "You know you want to put that cock in your mouth. You want to know what it feels like."

Cuteo picked up the two bills and stood up. He looked at me and then looked at Romeo. "Thanks for the money but I am not sucking his cock."

Knowing what I had done to his Uncle and friend, Romeo nodded. "Yeah, you’ve stripped for me twice now. You’ve earned it."

But then I took the money out of Cuteo’s hands. "This money belongs to the men I work for."

That really wasn’t very smart of me. It made Romeo non too happy. He made clear that Cuteo did not owe my employers squat and that if I knew what was good for me that I would give the money back. At that point Cuteo realized I was the one who had put his Uncle in the hospital and started screaming, "You freaking f*ck. You are one of the bastard knee breakers from Miami. You put my Uncle in the hospital."

I said, "Look kid, here is the money."

Cuteo took the money and threw it on the floor. He then pulled back his fist and landed a punch right in my left jaw. My left jaw. How the f*ck did he know that my jaw had already been broken once before. He didn’t rebreak it but it hurt like hell. At that point I wrestled Cuteo to the floor but Romeo pulled me off. He then tossed my naked ass out the front door, soon to be followed by my clothes being tossed toward me in the mud. I quickly put my pants back on, got in my car, and left.


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Julio's Tale (Note, you might want to read a Bad Guy's Tale before reading Julio's Tale.)

I could not believe it when Cuteo visited me in the hospital and gave me a get well card. When I opened the card up there were three one hundred dollar bills in it.

I wondered where Cutio got the other $200 from that his Uncle owed me. I asked him if he sold his mustang to which he said f*ck no.

I asked him if he went back to the gay biker bar to go into the wrestling ring. When he said yeah, I suspected he was lying. When he said he and the biker who won his ass in the backroom were now engaged I knew he was lying.

I couldn't believe it when Cuteo told me to slip over and he crawled into bed with me. I don't know how many times I'd jerked off thinking about something similar happening. Under the covers his hands reached for my cock. I screamed for him to stop, that the nurse would be in shortly. But instead of the nurse walking in, it was his Uncle rolling in, in a wheel chair. He came in just as Cuteo gave me a big kiss on the lips, laughed, and said, "I told you the real thing would be so much better than phone sex."

With the peculiar look his Uncle gave me, I suspected Cuteo and I might be the first gays subjected to a shotgun wedding. But Cuteo's Uncle then laughed. He said he understood Cuteo had given me the $300 that was owed. I said, yeah, you are off the hook. I told him how sorry I was that he was with me when the knee breaker from Miami found me. He was a lot nicer about it than I would have been. Especially since I had threatened to sick the knee breaker on him. Maybe it was the meds doing his talking but I was relieved when he shrugged and said, "Shit happens."

Cuteo gave me a look and then got out of my hospital bed. I still wasn't too sure about Cuteo. I knew he was just teasing in bed with me but still I thought he might be gay. Maybe it was just wishful thinking.


STUD CROSSING sign * street male


Guys Gone Wild - Dude, Where's My Pants?


Slutty Summer (2004)


Plot Synopsis: Gabriel, an aspiring writer of Broadway musicals, meets Mark, a muscled stripper, who picks him up on the subway. They spend the night trying to find somewhere to be alone... forced to contend with Gabriel's selfish roommate, his irritating best friend, and a vicious, jealous drag queen in a gay dance club. The sun rises on a promising new relationship.




Steam: The Turkish Bath (1998)

Velvet Goldmine (1998)