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A Mighty Sexy Story

Copyright 2007

Graphic Renderings as Computer Generated / Graphic Manipulated Art Not intended to represent any real person or performer. The erotic pictures are for story illustrations and though erotic are no more than might be seen in an R rated movie. This erotic story is fiction.


Storage Locker Revenge

When I happened to see my actress girlfriend with our gardener in the bedroom she and I share, I didn’t know whether to be jealous or what. I was stunned, shocked, floored, devastated, scared, amazed; horny. But I get ahead of myself which I tend do and I guess that is okay so long as I don't accidentally rear end myself. Course there was that time I accidentally sat down on my girlfriend's vibrator but that is a entirely different story. I call it the Emergency Room Story.


Misty Hiltrap is one of the most beautiful and loving women who has ever given me the time of day. Using my usual opening line, when I asked Misty for the time her response was, “It is fourth quarter and time to get the fuck out of here. I am tired of watching the Falcons lose. They suck." She paused. She licked her lips. She gave her dainty puppy dog look. Then she screamed echoing over ths sounds of the bar flys, "Speaking of sucking. Do you want to get the hell out of this two bit sports bar. I've heard about a really far out fetching George gay Club. I’ve been dying to go there to do my drag queen routine I've worked up for this three person play I've been working on. So what do you say handsome? You man enough to go to a gay club with a woman dressed as man dressed as a woman?”

So we go back to her mansion for her to get dressed up and she has a Cher outfit that she is sure will fit me. I am reluctant. But my God I am about to go on a date with Misty Hiltrap. If she had asked me to dress up as George Bush dressed as Boy George, I probably would have. And I don’t think I look too bad as Cher. Course, you know, three out of Four Taxi Cab drivers did disagree. One violently disagreed. Pounding his fist and screaming in tears, he swore he’d never be able to jerk-off while thinking about Cher again. He was this weird looking gulf veteran who had lost both of his arms and had these weird looking metal arms. Irregardless of how devastatingly bad I looked as Cher, I wasn't so sure how he managed to masturbate or even if he could. I started to ask him to demonstrate but decided, "Bad Idea."

Misty can be so gentle and loving one minute and a regular hell cat the next minute. That first night we returned from the gay Club and she and I began making love she was so gentle with her kisses one minute and she was like a wild woman riding my pony the next minute. I thought at one point she might actually break my cock. I mean Misty was like this demonically possessed insane woman riding it harder and faster than any woman has in the past. She was f*cking amazing.

Misty's great range in theatrical emotions as well as her gear speeds in bed not only help make her one of the greatest actresses men think about as they masturbate but also help to make her one of the best lovers I’ve ever had the good fortune to have a true relationship. And I felt what Misty and I had was a relationship. I never thought of us as just two ships passing in the night. I thought we would steam right along into the twilight of our lives together. That is what I thought and that is what I wanted.

But now here she is with our gardener who I know as a gentle, caring man. Misty and I were both touched when he saved a bird from our cat. Watching this handsome, sexy young man take his shirt off to reveal his muscular chest glistening with sweat as he climbed the tree to give the rescued bird refuge was a turn on. After watching the gardener, Misty practically had me naked before we made it back up to our bedroom. Still, it didn’t occur to me that Misty would act on her feelings toward the gardener with the gardener, and not just me.

Fate has such a wicked sense of humor. And it is odd how history mocks itself. Indeed, how Misty first came to notice the gardener makes how I came to witness their betrayal seem cruelly ironic.

Here I am, finding a small baby red robin in the bushes out from beneath my balcony. Looking up at the oak tree casting its rather perverse pornographic shadows down into the bushes, I think, “Gosh, I know how much a Connecticut jury might love that.” But then I see the nest from where the little bird fell. The nest is on a limb several feet from and above my balcony. The little baby bird is chirping and looking so endearing, it is enough to make even a ruffian lumberjack feel like a tender hearted woman. Yeah, it would have been nice to have a woman to climb the tree to put the bird back into its nest but I figure I will do it. Totally embracing my monkey girl feminine side, holding God’s little creature--I am talking about the bird and not my cock-- I begin my climb up the tall, tall, tall oak tree. More than once I almost fall. But I don’t. Feeling full of myself I think I am such a brave soul as I climb higher and higher. Feeling real proud of myself, I hang dangling from a limb by one hand as I hold the baby robin in the other hand. Oh, yeah, my feminine side is definitely a monkey girl. I pull myself as I swing upward and wrap my legs around the limb. Sitting on the limb I look out at the magnificent view looking over my girlfriend’s large estate. The greens, the gardens, the rolling hills, the female chauffeur pissing standing up. It is all so beautiful. Note to self. The female chauffeur is a transvestite.

I manage to stand on the thin but sturdy limb. I am standing on the limb of this tree outside my and my girlfriend’s bedroom. I am stretching to reach a higher limb to put the bird back into its nest and I look toward our bedroom window past the balcony.

I am stunned, shocked, floored, devastated, scared, and amazed. I see my girlfriend cheating on me and there is nothing I can do about it. Through the open window I see our gardener kissing my girlfriend’s naked breast. Rubbing himself though his boxer shorts his eyes are closed and his lips puckered as he taste the softness of my girlfriend’s breast.

I put the bird back into its nest.

I watch as he continues kissing her breast; her beautiful breast that three out of four taxi drivers agree are real. He is gentle. He is loving. The smile on his face is so sweet. For a moment I wish I had my gun.

She moves away from him for a second. She pulls a beach blanket from a drawer. All dainty and limped wrist she spreads it out on the floor. Tossing her long black hair and puckering her sultry lips, she lays down on the blanket.


I watch the muscular, lean gardener kneel, and lift her up so as to pull her shorts down. He doesn’t completely remove the shorts before he moves to kiss her vagina lips. He works her pussy like a professional. I wonder, have I been paying a gardener or a gigolo. As his long tongue laps at her pussy I think I can almost hear her moaning in ecstasy.


Then he slips her shorts the rest of the way off and he stands up. She sits up and rises to her knees. She puts her mouth on his nipple and then I watch as she removes his boxer shorts. His cock is not totally hard. I imagine seeing disappointment on her face but she moves to put his cock into her mouth. She rolls it around in her mouth and as it grows harder she begins to lick it. I remember the feel of her tongue on my cock and I am slightly aroused.


I watch as her eyes roll into the back of her head. How could she be that aroused with the feel of his cock in her mouth. “Maybe she is not that aroused,” I think. “Perhaps she is epileptic and about to have a seizure.” But no, she is just totally enjoying sucking on the gardener’s cock.


Then she turns away from his cock. She turns around. She puts her elbows down on the beach blanket. Her ass is up in the air and I watch the gardener as he mounts her. I want to cry as I imagine my woman is slipping away from me. Every thrust of his large, hard cock into her pussy I feel torment in thinking that I might never enjoy sex that way with her again. Then she collapses and rolls over and he again puts his tongue into her pussy. She is smiling and then I actually hear her giggling. I guess he must be hitting a ticklish spot.

He eases up and kissing her on the mouth he enters her in missionary position. Together their love making looks so gentle. They are so tender together. He slowly thrust in and thrust out, seemingly almost in tune to a soft melody. Then she wraps her legs around toward his butt. She seems to now control his thrust with her legs. The speed and power of his thrust increase and I see between his thrust, she is pounding back. I can hear her screaming in pleasure. I imagine they are like two rockets about to explode into outer space. And suddenly they are like a see-saw as she starts to rise up and he falls back. They do this several times. I wonder, “Is this sex or acrobatics?”


Then she supports herself up with her hands against the beach blanket and he does likewise. Even as they enter this new sexual position, his thrust in and out of her does not stop. Then she moves to put her leg on his chest. At this point, the tempo of their fucking becomes amazing.

With a raging hard-on of my own, I sit down on the limb. I I consider pulling my cock out of my pants to masturbate but I don’t.

Then he moves to change position. His cock is now at her breast. He begins to masturbate and he shoots a load of cum on her breast. I no longer feel turned on. I just feel sad.

I climb down from the tree. I go inside. I go into the kitchen and fix myself something to eat. When she comes down fresh from her shower I pretend like I’ve seen nothing. I love her. I don’t want to lose her.

We sit together. We cuddle while we watch TV. We make fun of how bad the show is and we laugh. We laugh so hard and I want to cry. And then she says she is tired and she goes up to bed to go sleep.

While she is sleeping I go up into the attic. I look through her private effects. I find a sex tape from when she was with a previous boyfriend. I find some old, scandalous looking clothes. I never knew her to buy anything off the rack, but she has, and now her fans will know it. I find some old love letters from when she once had a lesbian fling. I gather up a whole bunch of stuff and put the items into my car. I take the revealing mementos from my girlfriend’s life and I rent a storage locker space in her name. I put the Tabloid Goldmine into the storage locker. Of course you know I don’t intend to pay rent on it beyond the first required months. At some point the secret bits and pieces from her life will be auctioned off and made public and I think she will be hurt. It is insane that I should want to cause misfortune for the woman I am so madly in love, but at this point, God help me, punishing her for being with the gardener is my obsession.

Twenty-four months later, the locker is opened and its contents are auctioned. The bad publicity helps her next movie not only become a financial success but she wins an Oscar. As I kiss and love on her and bask in her glory I praise her talent, but I suspect perhaps her new found fortune and fame is more from my revenge than her talent.

Either way, the Gardener has been deported back to Mexico and I am now one happy dude.

Guilty Pleasure, 1000 years for Revenge, Dr. Syn - Scarecrow, Rook, Box of Kisses

What does any of the above have to do with anything. Just stuff I think might be cool. And I used to love playing rook. I wanted to find the Scarecrow DVD but it doesn't seem to be available right now. But the book is.


Super Bowl Budlight Commercial where they guy brings a candle on his romantic horse drawn sleigh ride. It is funny. Yeah, what I can I say, I liked the movies Porkies.