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Love Happens

"I can't believe your horse called you Shorty and told us to go get a room. If I told anyone this happened they'd want to put me away in a leper colony."

"Don't you mean mental institution."

"No. I woke this morning with this terrible zit. I didn't think I'd ever get the make-up where it would cover it up."

"I didn't notice."

"Not even when your horse called me zit face."

"I thought he said shit face as in drunk from where we'd been drinking."

"Yeah, that is what it is. We are just drunk. Your horse doesn't talk. We are just drunk."

"So you want to go back to the barn and finish what we'd started."


"Lucas. I don't know. I shouldn't have come here. I am going to fall in love with you and then you are going to break my heart."
"Why would I break your heart. Mary, you are the best thing to have happened to me. I love you."

"How can I put this. I see things. I know things about the future. You will not want to break my heart. And I'd not want you to change the future for me, for our love. But when it happens. When that event happens and I lose you, I don't want to go through that pain. It is better I walk away now. It is better I not know your gentle embrace, your kisses upon my naked body, the sweet loving words you will whisper in my ear as you penetrate me for the first time. I love you now, but I don't think I should stand it if I should love you more and then lose you."


"You don't know the future. I don't know the future."


"Okay. Maybe I am not psychic and maybe your horse doesn't really talk. But I know my husband and if I f*ck with you the odds are quite probable he is going to kill your ass."


With those words, Lucas and Mary parted to never see one another again in the flesh. Two years later, Lucas would die saving two children from a burning home. One of those children would grow up and discover the cure for hemorrhoids. The other child would grow up and marry Mary's grandson.


The moral of the story.

Don't try to seduce a woman when there is a talking horse around.





Lucas found death different than he expected. It had an unreal dream quality to it. At times he felt as though he had fallen into a painting on a wall. And at times, disoriented, it was like a great sleep would come over him. Then Lucas would wake back to his dying moments, back to that place in time when he traded his life for the lives of two young children. He refused to regret that moment he decided to walk through fire and falling beams and blinding smoke to reach out for the small hands reaching out for him.

Lucas thought about that day he parted from Mary. That day she would not surrender to their passion. He imagined her touch. The feel of her lips against his lips seemed almost real as he thought back to that day. The lemon fresh smell of her silken hair filled his ghostly nostrils as he imagined strumming strands of her hair through his fingers.

Then one day, Lucas saw Mary staring at him.

Mary felt almost faint when she saw the painting. There was a great power pulling at her, drawing her nearer to the drawing, the painting on the wall. Who was the young man kneeling?

Mary asked the receptionist at the office, "Where did you get the painting?"

"Isn't it the most God awful thing you ever saw. But Norman loves it. Somehow it managed to survive the fire in his ex-wife's home. It was found near the body of the young man who saved his children from the fire before the floor fell out from beneath the young man. That painting was the only thing Norman was able to get in the divorce settlement. Norman says to him it is like a memorial to the hero who saved his children."


Lucas managed to catch Mary before she fainted upon hearing the receptionist talking about how Lucas died. Mary knew. She just knew that the receptionist was talking about Lucas. Mary smelt the masculine smell of Stallion that was the smell of Lucas. She knew he was near but she couldn't see him.

God, she wanted to talk out loud to him but she knew she would sound like a lunatic. She said no words. She just thought, "I miss you Lucas. I regret that day I didn't give in to my passion."


Mary felt herself being turned around. She felt Lucas touching her and she felt Lucas at her finger tips. And she could see him and she knew she was going to kiss him. As they kissed she felt lost in the longing for what she had missed. If only the hands on the clock could be turned back to that day in the barn.

But still she felt herself in his arms; the arms of a ghost, the arms of the only man she would ever truly love. The past didn't matter. The future didn't matter. She was in the moment and that was all that mattered as she felt herself being pulled into the picture.

As Mary and Lucas kissed it was like a picture worth a thousand words, and even then, they hardly began to describe the love that Mary and Lucas shared. Then with the smell of amonia to her nose, Mary woke. The receptionist told Mary that she had passed out. She had been dreaming.

That night Mary would break into the office and take the painting, leaving $3,000 in its place. With that painting Mary would have many more dreams as would Lucas.

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