Bikini Chain Gang


Jessie, a waitress in a sleazy bar, is framed for robbing the place and gets a five-year stretch in prison. The prison is run by a corrupt warden and a butch-lesbian head guard, and the inmates are dressed in bikinis and sent out to work on a chain gang busting rocks. Jessie has to fend off horny guards and lesbian inmates while forming a plan to escape and find the real robber.


Beverly Lynne as Jessie
Nicole Sheridan as Matron Togar
Voodoo as Leo
John Henry Richardson as Warden Kendrick
Evan Stone as Tommy
Belinda Gavin as Taffy
Peter Spellos as Detective(as G. Gordon Baer)
Don Scribner as Mr. Arst(as Don Donason)
Eric Spudic as Bartender
Brooke Banner as Mandy(as Brooke Taylor)
Jassie as Chilly
Trevor Zen as SUV Guy
Brooke Haven

Bikini Chain Gang (2005)

Nicole Sheridan;Beverly Lynne;Belinda Gavin (Actor), Nicholas Medina (Director) Rated: NR Format: DVD

I have not been able to find where this DVD or streaming is still available.  It used to be available on amazon but for some reason it is no longer available there.