Erotic Western: Saving The Town

Erotic Western: Saving The Town

Erotic Western: Saving The Town

Novelette: Roughly 17,777 words

This western erotica contains strong sexual content. MMF, MM, AND MF.

The fictional story is set in a Kansas Cow Town called Lasso. The year is 1875.

Flint Bigfoot and Thad Goodwood have competed for the affection of Selma Stone. Flint won her affections over his rival
Thad but she has a secret. Do Flint and Thad also have a secret?

Sheriff Danny Perkins and his deputies are horny characters who like both “man business” as well as “female business.”

And there is this new dude in town by the name of W.C. Huntstow.  Besides getting the attention of Sheriff Danny& Saloon
Girl Wanda and Selma Stone, what is he about?

I sort of pictured a certain TV Western while I was writing the novelette and it is kind of a TV spoof but within limits.

I keep the story simple on this one but I like the story.


Erotic Western: Saving The Town

Part 1

The year was 1875. The place was a cow town known as Lasso, Kansas.

Naked, Sheriff Danny Perkins was laying on a cot against the wall opposite from the five jail cells in the back of the Sheriff’s Office. He had earlier kicked the covers off the bed so that his pretty, bare naked ass could be seen should anyone look.

W.C. Hunstow was the only prisoner in the jail. He had been arrested the night before, for drunk and disorderly conduct. He had some money in his pocket from a cattle drive. He had hoped to spend some of that money on a prostitute at Mr. Pups Saloon and Dance Hall but he had gotten into a fight with another cowboy before he had the chance to visit one of the girls upstairs. Now, in the far cell W.C. with a black eye and a bloody lip snuggled beneath a single sheet. Every once in a while he would glance at the Sheriff’s nice, firm butt. He considered the last Dance Hall Girl he’d paid for sex didn’t have an ass that pretty. He guessed that he was drunk enough so that it did not much matter how ugly the woman was.

Lester Badly walked with a stiff leg. He entered the Sheriff’s office. He opened the door to the cell area and glanced at Mr. Perkins on the cot. “Such a pretty ass.” Lester then closed the door and went to fix some coffee.

At the sound of the closing door Sheriff Danny Perkins woke. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He stretched. Naked he stood up and rubbed his hairy balls. W.C. Hunstow eyed the handsome Sheriff. Sheriff Danny Perkins opened the door to the front of the Sheriff’s Office. Naked he strolled up next to Lester Badly.

Lester looked Sheriff Danny Perkins up and down. His eyes fixated on Danny’s nice cock.

Lester said, “Danny, why don’t you put some damn clothes on before you come out here. You know every time I see you naked I get a boner.”

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