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chuck's erotic stories: monsters and other scary lovers


The Plumber’s Apprentice I: The Magic Act

The Plumber’s Apprentice II: The Magic Act


Monster Cock in Hot Atlanta 1855

My Husband’s Hairy Friend

A Big Manly Woman

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Story One

{This Story is Fiction.}

The Plumber’s Apprentice I: The Magic Act
by Charles T. Peters jr.

My name is Tommy Toole.  Yeah, I know that sounds like a name I use for doing porn.  My friends like to make fun of my name and sometimes they hum porn music when I enter a room but honest, I have never done porn.  I am a plumber.  Well, I am trying to be a plumber.  I am still in the apprentice phase of my career.  I work for Rock Davis.  He is as bad ass as his name sounds.  Despite my boss acting all bossy, I generally like working with Rock though.  I don’t have to censor what I say around him. Still, that bossing does sometimes get on my last nerve. Do this.  Do that. Like I am trying to eat my sandwich and he does that to me, barking orders at me, while I am trying to eat. When I tell him I am trying to eat he points to his crotch and tells me to eat this.  It makes me so mad.  I confess I have a fantasy of sticking a fork in his crotch.

I get to meet all sorts of different people as Rock and I go into different homes t

o work on plumbing. Rock and I get a call to go out to this really swanky mansion type place.  Not really.  It is a doublewide on about fifty acres of rural land but still nice by my standards.  It is owned by this really sexy couple.  I’d guess they, the Bowers, are in their twenties.  His name is Johnny and her name is Betty and when I laid eyes on them I had to think of something besides them to stop from getting an erection.  Work is usually enough of a bad thought to make me go limp in the dick department.

So Rock  and I are in the kitchen working on plumbing stuff.  Well I am mainly holding the flashlight and looking pretty.  Johnny and Betty are in the living room sprawled on the couch.  Last we looked in on them they were just in their underwear, and watching television.  Fucking sexy. Betty has the biggest breast I’ve ever seen. Rock  and I hear noises coming from the living room.

In this real high voice Betty is screaming, “Yes, yes, yes.”

In a gruff, masculine, voice Johnny is moaning, “Fuck yeah, ride me.  Bounce in my lap like a beach ball.  Fuck yeah.”

Rock and I can’t help but peep in on them.  Now they are totally naked and Betty is sitting on Johnny’s lap.  She is bouncing and her huge tits are fucking amazing as they jiggle around.  Johnny’s huge cock is going in and out of her pussy like a now you see it and now you don’t magic act.  While watching them fuck my dick gets so hard it feels like it is going to bust out of my pants.  Not that I think either will happen but I can’t decide who I would like to fuck more, Johnny or Betty.



{This story is ficition}

The Plumber’s Apprentice II: The Magic Act
by Charles T. Peters jr.

My name is Harry Houdini Parker.  I am not sure why my mom named me that.  I think maybe she has a fetish for handcuffs and water torture.  She also has a fetish for wanting to find me the perfect wife which means one that she doesn’t hate.  I am not so sure about marriage.  I tell her the old joke, “Marriage is a fine institution but who wants to be institutionalized.”  She is never amused no matter how many times I tell it.  Like most men, my taste in women is totally different than my mom’s taste in women.  I like sluts and also handsome dudes like my friend Tommy Toole.  She is hoping for someone who would make Mother Teresa look like a hell raiser.

Like many twenty somethings in this fucked up economy I couldn’t buy myself a job so I started my own web design company.  Yeah, I know, me and a million other unemployed twenty somethings.  I operate my business out of local coffee shop.  I think the owner of the coffee shop is starting to get kind of pissed at my using her shop but what is she going to do.  She is the one who used free internet as a way to lure in customers.

A woman, Betty Bowers sits down at the table with me.  Fucking hell, she is one good looking woman.  I’d even wager her huge breast are real.  When she sits down with me her large, delicious looking breast bounce just right.  She tells me that she had heard through the grape vine, that would be Cedric Hyde who is the biggest gossip in town, that I do web design work.  I tell her yes and she invites me to her house to help her design a website.  So I get my stuff together to go with Betty.  I glance at the owner of the Coffee Shop, Harriet Pickle, who is clapping her hands in mock fashion and giving me a thumbs up.  I give her a nod and a smile.

I follow Betty Bowers who is driving her red Corvette.  I am driving my beat up orange Gremlin.  Yeah, there is at least one Gremlin still on the road.  Betty lives with her husband Johnny on a small farm.  Given that she is driving a Corvette I am kind of shocked they live in a doublewide, not that there is anything wrong with living in a doublewide.  I, myself, live in one with my mother.

Betty and I go into an office, a room, that they have built on to the doublewide.  From there we go down some stairs into an underground complex.  Yeah, I said complex.  The place looks huge and there are all sorts of doors that I would guess go somewhere.  She shows me to a desk and I set my computer up to connect online by her wireless modem.  She sits next to me and starts telling me what kind of website she wants.  Every once in a while she rubs her breast against me.  I am thinking that working with her is awesome.

We are drinking some beers when her husband walks in and over to where we are working.  That makes me a little nervous.  His name is Johnny Bowers.  “What you doing?” he ask.  He sounds polite enough.

“Mr. Harry Houdini Parker is helping me build that website I was telling you about.  Doesn’t he look perfect?”

I am wondering why I would need to look perfect to help her work on web design.  Johnny Bowers smiles and says, “So Mr. Harry Houdini Parker, can you do magic?”


Johnny tells me,  “I am something of an amateur magician myself.  Say honey, why don’t you add a magic area to your website.  We can take some video of Mr. Harry Houdini Parker and myself performing some magic.  What do you say Mr. Harry Houdini Parker?  We will pay you extra.”

“Yeah.  Sure.  Why not?”

Johnny Bowers opens a door to a room that has about five rows of seats and a stage.  Camera’s are set up to video the stage.  I consider that this is somewhat weird.  Johnny tells me that the place was originally owned by a Preacher.  “You and my wife keep on working on the website while I set the stage up.”

Betty and I walk back over to the desk and start working on web page design.  “Say Harry, do you have a girlfriend.”

“Not currently.  You know Perly Black that works over at the Grocery Store.  She and I have gone on a few dates.  Mom fixed us up.  That girl keeps her legs crossed tighter than a bear trap that has been tripped.”

Betty punches me in the arm.  “You are bad.”  She takes a drink.  “What about Tommy Toole?”

“What do you mean what about Tommy Toole?”

“Harriet Pickle says she thanks you two are gay on one another.  Have you ever had sex with Tommy?”


{This Story is Fiction}

by Charles T. Peters jr.

Abe Chootru was twenty-five and full of youthful vigor.  He was sexy and very confident with his sex appeal but not with his sexual desires.  He had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes of the kind known to inspire songs. He had once been asked to pose on the cover of a romance novel.  The man, Bart Biggs, behind the project was forty-five and totally smitten with Abe.  The cover was for a mainstream novel and so Abe was somewhat shocked that Bart wanted him to pose nude.  Still Abe agreed, that is up until Bart came in to the studio totally naked to take the pictures.  Abe was nineteen at the time and wasted no time in grabbing his clothes up and getting out of the studio when Bart asked him in a rough voice to suck his dick.

Abe had a twenty year old brother, Wayne.  He had reddish hair and freckles across his nose that seemed cute when he was younger.  He was still cute but he was jealous that  he wasn’t the muscular handsome stud that brought the longing looks his brother seemed to inspire.  Wayne did have the cute personality that tended to bring people a greater ease when talking pleasantries and even sharing secrets, than the awe inspiring beauty of his brother.  His brother was a bit high strung.  At the same time, Wayne was somewhat shy.  He guessed that is part of what caused people to think of him as a good listener.

Abe couldn’t believe when his brother brought a man home.  A homeless man!  If Abe had done such a thing his father would have had a fit.  Somehow though, Wayne made it seem perfectly reasonable to offer a room in their home to Robby Rufus who had been living in his car for the last couple of weeks.  Wayne had met the strapping, handsome Robby when he modeled nude in his art class.  Freshly showered and nude, he hardly looked homeless and certainly not threatening at all.

While Wayne was at ease with his attraction toward men, though just as inexperienced, Abe was still somewhat conflicted. Now there was Robby, an unsuccessful model in their home, and Abe felt something he didn’t want to feel.  His encounter with Bart had served to confuse him.  There was a part of him that was glad he had gotten out of the studio but there was another part of him that wished he had remained.  When masturbating he sometimes thought back to that encounter.  He imagined he had gotten down on his knees and had sucked Bart’s cock.  He also imagined the wealth that might have come to his family if he had become a model.


Story Three

{This story is fiction}

Monster Cock in Hot Atlanta 1855
by Charles T. Peters jr.

The year is 1855, six years before the American Civil War began in 1861.  The place is the city of Atlanta in Fulton County, Georgia. A Fulton County Grand Jury warns of an evil of vast magnitude with herds of unruly and vicious boys infesting the streets of the city of Atlanta by day and night, especially on the Sabbath, to the great annoyance of its citizens.  Fulton County had only come into existence 2 years before in 1853 by act of the Georgia General Assembly.  Later several counties would join to become part of Fulton but at this time Fulton was carved out of the western part of Dekalb County.

Among the rowdy rascals who loved to come to Atlanta for for fun was Joshua who was 21 and Wallace who was also 21.  Joshua and Wallace Montgomery were cousins born within days of one another.  Though just 21, they were both accomplished gamblers and did quite well in their pursuit of sex and money.   Atlanta, which had plenty of money and sex to offer, seemed their kind of town.  Anytime they needed to earn extra money from a run of bad luck they didn’t mind hard work.

In Atlanta Sary Adison operated a high class whore house in the front rooms and top stories of her mansion which she inherited from her deceased husband. Her grown daughter Rachel operated a lower class establishment in the back basement area of the same mansion.  The girls in the front area would cost as much as $100 to $300 for a night while the girls and a few young men in the basement would cost only what the high bid would bring, usually around $25. While Rachel allowed young men to sell their bodies for sex in her establishment, Sary didn’t allow man whores in her establishment.  Sary had more established women and restricted who could work for her while Rachel allowed women and men who had fallen on hard times and were simply trying to get a stake together to auction themselves in her establishment.  Neither woman allowed slave owners to prostitute their slaves as in their mind that would invite behavior they considered way too close to rape and the very thought of that galled them.  A competitor, Grady Minx, who operated across from the Adison Whorehouse allowed slave owners to “rent” out their slaves as prostitutes.

Joshua and Wallace won several hundred dollars in a poker game at the Boney Tavern which was next door to the Adison Whorehouse.  Steve Stewart, the son of a prominent Plantation owner had not been so lucky at the Boney Tavern and had lost as much as the Montgomery brothers had won.  He had lost the money his father had given for the slave auction to be held this coming Saturday and his father would be none too happy.

Steve had a young slave woman with him by the name of Sally.  She was good at talking to slaves before the auction and could find things out for Steve.  In addition he liked taking her on trips with him because he fancied himself in love with her.  They could stay together at a friend’s home, Raymond Howe, who did not mind them sleeping together.  His own father objected strongly to such relationships with slaves and would
be outraged if he learned of Steve’s sexual affair with Sally.  If he were to learn of it, Steve knew his father would sell Sally.

While Joshua and Wallace Montgomery strutted their selves over to the parlor of the Adison Whorehouse to wait their turn, Steve made his way back to the home of Raymond Howe and into the arms of Sally who waited for him inside of Raymond Howe’s home.  Steve didn’t notice as he passed Raymond sitting on the porch.

“I screwed up,” Steve told Sally.  “I lost the money that dad gave me for the slave auction.”

Sally said, “You can tell you’re father that the slave you bought run away.  That is what you can do.”

“He will want to see the papers.  You know father does not fully trust me.”

Sally kissed Steve on the mouth.  “And with reason.”  She chuckled as she hugged Steve Stewart.  “But don’t be getting yourself worked up.  It will work out.  Your father loves you.”

Raymond, a large monster of man came into his home.  He stared at Sally and Steve hugging.  He said, “I was on the porch.  I heard you two talking.  I’d loan you the money but I just don’t have it.”

Steve shook his head.  “I wouldn’t expect that.”

Sally frowned.  “I guess you could take me to the Minx house and see what I can earn from a trick.”

“I wouldn’t want you to do that.”

Raymond said, “Well, I have gone to the basement area of Adison Whorehouse and sold my body for money.”

“Five Hundred Dollars?”

“No. The most a guy has paid to try to suck my cock is $50.”

“A guy paid you so that he could suck your cock?”

“Yeah.  Well, he played with it and tried to suck it.  They like to try.”

“Do women ever pay men?”

Sally asked, “You are considering it?”

“I might can earn enough for a new poker stake.”

Raymond said, “Sometimes there are women there bidding, but the odds are it will be a man who will bid to either perform a sex act on you or you on them.”

“I will do what I have to do.”


Story Four

{This story if fiction}

My Husband’s Hairy Friend
by Charles T. Peters jr.

My name is Rachel.  I am between jobs and I have a lot of time to think about sex. My husband, Sandy, comes home from his job as a stockbroker every night to a very horny wife. To his delight and my pleasure I am always wearing a different sexy costume or provocative piece of lingerie.  With my totally killer figure to die for, I wear the clothes quite nicely.  My hunky husband brags that I make the clothes appear even more sexy than they do pictured on the very luscious online models who display the costumes and lingerie.

My husband Sandy is 6 foot tall and has the build of a quarterback.  He played football in college and he has remained physically fit.  He is a handsome man who knows how to totally satisfy me sexually.  Still, I sometimes have a fantasy about having sex with another man.  It is something I desire and yet the thought is something that scares me.  I wouldn’t want to do anything that might ruin my marriage.  Some people may think love is a dirty word, but I am proud to say that I love my husband very much.

This evening I am dressed up as a sexy nurse.  A sexy nurse in a red garter belt and red high heel shoes.  Yeah, I am a slutty sexy nurse.  I have the dinning room table lit in candle light and I have a scrumptious meal prepared.  I am waiting patiently for my husband to get home.  I wait.  I wait.  And I wait.  Then I blow the candle’s out and I eat without him.  Feeling disappointed I go to bed.  I wonder if he has grown tired of our sex games.

Feeling disappointed I take my costume off and I go to bed. As I lay in bed I keep thinking horny thoughts and I picture Sandy’s hard, smooth, cock in my mouth.  I imagine sucking on his slippery cock while another man sucks on my wet pussy.  I rub my pussy as I envision in dreamy fantasy a tall, dark, and most handsome stranger sucking on my pussy.  Fingering myself I drift off to sleep.

When Sandy finally got home he found me asleep in bed.  I partially wake up as I hear him stripping his clothes off but I play possum.  He stands at the edge of the bed and leans in to rub his soft cock all over my face.  I feel his cock growing hard.  Still, I play possum. His cock f


Story Five

This story is fiction.  Any accidental use of real names is unintended.  Please do not confuse any real person with any of these fictional characters.

A Big Manly Woman
by Charles T. Peters jr.

I am twenty-seven year old Lilly White and I have not so much as ever touched a man’s cock. I am not a virgin because I took my own virginity a long time ago.  God, I loved that vibrator. I almost cried when it stopped working.

I am a college professor at  Peachpit University in the state of Georgia. I like my job okay though to be honest the students sometimes get on my nerves.  I’d like to say that I am always there for them but in truth I am not.  There are rules I have to follow and the students have to follow.  Sometimes I would like to just say, “fuck the rules” but I can’t.

I am six foot tall and have never been described as a delicate woman.  Maybe men see me as threatening.  I am not sure. I have huge breast so I do have that going for me.  Also my legs are sexy, even though they are a bit on the muscular side.

This week I am camping with family.  It is great in that we have the camp ground almost all to ourselves.  Just three other campsite have someone on them. We are close to the beach and the waves on the Atlantic Ocean are beautiful.  Some of the waves are as high as six foot as they crash into the beach.  Though I am with family I have popped my own tent near their pop-ups.  To be honest, though I love them to pieces, like my students, my brothers with their chatty, passive aggressive, wives sometimes get the fuck on my nerves.

There are also my two aunts camping with us in their big, diesel drinking, motor-homes.
“Oh, are you still single,” my aunts are constantly asking me. “Not even a boyfriend?”  After having the conversation for the third time on this trip I freaked.  I accidentally on purpose threw a pie in Aunt Millie’s face and dropped a drink in Aunt Sally’s lap. I guess now I am not just the old Maid of the family but the eccentric Old Maid.  I don’t care.

As I am apologizing to my Aunts and swearing it was an accident,  “Clumsy me,” and helping them clean up I see a young man watching me from the other campsite and laughing.  I’d guess he is 21.  To use the term of my gay friends, he looks twinkish. He is  not wearing a shirt but is wearing cutoff jeans.  I give a nervous smile back at him and he quickly looks away.  My stare in his direction lingers.  He is so fucking cute.  He kind of reminds me of that gay porn star Brent Corrigan. Yes.  I do watch gay porn with some of my friends.  Don’t judge.

My brother George walks up.  “So Aunts, I see you must have called my sister an Old Maid once too often.”

Aunt Sally frowns.  “We never called Lilly…”  She thinks a second.  “Oh dear, maybe we did.  Lilly I am so sorry.”



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